What Color Did That MSP Website Designer Use?

Have you ever been working with a client on marketing materials or website design and wondered what a particular color is on a page?

Have you ever been working with a client on marketing materials or website design and wondered what a particular color is on a page?

Wonder no more. Your MSP website designer can use a terrific tool to quickly learn about any color on any webpage -- ColorZilla.

How Can My MSP Website Designer Use ColorZilla

ColorZilla is a powerful set of tools available as a Chrome or Firefox extension and a gradient editor.

You can use it to find out the specific color, shade and characteristics your MSP website designer used to create a page on your or a client's website.

It's very simple to use. Start by clicking on the ColorZilla extension. It pulls up a color picker menu and your mouse changes from a pointer to a + sign. When you click on any area of your webpage, it displays the RGB codes and the alphanumeric or hexadecimal code that is used in HTML design to apply color to an item.

The color information is copied to your clipboard. It can then be applied to another section of the website's design or sent to a client or printer.

Color is an important consideration and can affect your page rank in Google search. A article notes that the use of proper color rules for text, backgrounds and photos is an important part of your on-page SEO optimization strategy.

What Are Some Other Tips for My MSP Website Designer to improve Our Google Rank?

You want your MSP website to be an effective way to drive more business to your company. That means making some deliberate changes to your site to optimize your page rankings. Here are a few tips:

It's All About the Content. If your website does not have high-value, compelling content that can address the needs, concerns and issues of your potential customers, you're missing the boat. Great, relevant and current content helps with SEO results and establishes your company's expertise. Be seen as an industry expert that can solve problems by delivering relevant website content, including blogs, white papers, videos and news.

Stop With the Logos. You can plaster your page with logos from all your vendors and partners but the reality is most of your customers do not care. If it's required in your vendor agreement, put them on a subpage. The same goes for jargon-laden information. Most of your customers don't want the intimate details and see terms they don't understand on your website.

Use Google Ads. Formerly known as Google AdWords, Google Ads are an inexpensive way to attract customers that are interested in your services. By targeting keywords related to your business and embedding those keywords in your website content, you stand a better chance of ranking high in searches.

Use Google Search Console. You and your MSP website designer should be using the free Google Search Console, which allows you to analyze traffic to improve how your website ranks in Google searches, optimize your content and set alerts for when Google detects issues with your site.

Assess the Site. How do you know what's working or not working on your MSP website? To learn more about how you can grade your website, contact Ulistic, the leader in MSP marketing, for a free, no-obligation, 60-minute website review today.


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