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Google Adwords Managed Service ProvidersWhy?  — Because it’s one of the most an inexpensive ways to market your business online (when done correctly).  With as little as $5 you can create a Google AdWords account where you can promote your IT MSP Services to targeted prospects. Google AdWords uses Pay Per Click (PPC) where you’re only charged when a user clicks your ad. This way you don’t waste money on ads that viewers never see or ignore.

The following are tips that will get you the most ROI (return on investment) for Google AdWords:

Compete With The Big Guys With the Big Bucks

To do this you must narrow and target your campaign by limiting how many prospects view your Google ad. This provides you the most sales opportunities at the lowest price.

Start With Only Google Search Don’t invest early on with Google Search Partner or Google Display Network.  You’ll get a bigger bang for your buck with Google Search.

Focus Closely On Your Keyword Selection. Select only the most targets keywords that describe your MSP services. These might include your company name and the services and products that you offer, and will promote the highest conversion rates.  Also use long-tail keywords instead of more generic terms.

Choose Ad Time Wisely

Display your Google ads during specific times and/or days. For example, shut down your ads during non-business hours, or run ads during peak hours and stop them on slow days. Most MSPs run ads during peak business hours because conversion rates are the best during this time.  And consider turning off your ads during holidays and weekends when business viewers aren’t at work.

Use Geographical Targeting (Geotargeting)

Target your PPC Google ads to users in specific locations. Google Adwords lets you select specific cities, zip codes and targeting per the miles/kms from your business location. This gets you a better ROI because you’re showing ads to users within your vicinity.

Target Specific Computer Devices

With Google Adwords you can even target desktop/laptops, mobile devices, and tablets separately. If you believe your prospects will be using laptops, desktops or tablet computers, you can select to promote your ad on these devices.  Most IT MSPs will split their device targeting between desktops/laptops and tablets; these platforms are similar enough that you can consider keeping them together in one campaign.

Include Your Phone Number

Google allows you to include your phone number in ads so users can click and call you directly. This makes it easier and seamless for prospects to reach you.  Give them an incentive to call, like a complimentary assessment of their IT system.

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With Google AdWords you can reach thousands, even millions of customers searching for your MSP services every day. You only have to pay when a user clicks on your ad so this is much less expensive than many other forms of advertising. 

To get more specific MSP Google AdWords tips, register for Ulistic’s Google Adwords training in Chicago on August 23rd at!  For only $199 Ulistic will help you increase your Google Adwords ROI and get the best results possible!

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