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One of my biggest pet peeves with managed service providers who claim to be marketing experts (never trust anyone who calls themselves an expert) is this:

(I’ll get straight to the point because many of you appreciate my openness and how blunt I am on topics related to MSP marketing.)

Your website isn’t generating leads because of this one reason.

No one cares about YOU! They don’t care about your company, they don’t care about your history, they don’t care who the management team is, and they certainly don’t care about your referral program – At least not yet!

I say yet!  Because they eventually will.

(You need to read carefully here.)

Most of you, (except a few Ulistic clients that I work with personally) have a long laundry list of services you provide, but you fail to write about your audiences’ actual challenges.

You believe that stuffing vendor logos on your front page will somehow impress that poor office administrator who’s been tasked to find an IT company.

The office administrator, practice manager or small business owner, only has one concern: They want to know how you can help them with whatever IT issues they face.

You see, 99.5% of managed service companies fail here.

You believe that your laundry list of services and vendor logos will add credibility to your marketing website.

The opposite is true.

This stuff confuses your prospects. ConnectWise, Autotask or Datto logos mean absolutely nothing to them.

Get over it. No one cares about you.

Your prospects or web visitors only care about themselves and the problems they need to be solved.

Can you help them?

Here are some quick and easy things you should do:

  1. Get rid of all the vendor logos on your website. If your vendor partner makes this an absolute requirement, then relegate them to a subpage somewhere deep on your site. They just want that link from your site to theirs to help boost their SEO. They don’t care about you. Get over it. Vendor logos mean absolutely nothing.
  2. Perform a complete audit of your website. Seriously – go thru it from top to bottom and replace all the WE’s, I’s and COMPANY references with wording that focuses on your client.
  3. Dump all your services pages and replace them with the issues or challenges your clients face and how you can resolve them. See Cyber Solutions at https://www.discovercybersolutions.com as an example.  I personally work on this for Eric, the owner, and help him address all the pain points his clients deal with.
  4. Interview all your top clients and ask them to give you feedback on what bothered them and how using the right technology helped. Then, focus on these points. Also, get permission to quote them in your articles. You might even use this information as case study material.
  5. Here’s a bonus tip. Every time you refer to yourself as a leading company, expert, top choice, the best, (you know, all that stuff we say about ourselves) replace the self-praise with praise from your clients.

OK, folks – I hope this helps.

As always, if you’re stuck and need help, call me at (716) 263-6961, or drop me an email at info@ulistic.com.  I’m always here for you.


PS: I really love writing, so I think I’m going to get back into the routine of doing this.  Maybe some of my team members who write professionally will be inspired by my style, directness, and willingness to help the MSP community.

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