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Google Search Console is an Awesome Tool.

If you haven’t tried the Google Search Console you should.  It will help you find the right clients in your geographical location.  I’m going to tell you about a quick feature you can use to greatly improve your local search rankings.

But before I do-quick question: How many of you have talked to your MSP Marketing Company about gaining access to the Google Search Console? If not, you must.  It’s crucial to your online marketing.  If you do, I guarantee you’ll gain more opportunities.

Give this a try:

  • Open the Google Search Console and Log in.
  • Next, go to Search Traffic in the left-hand column.
  • Now, go to International Targeting.
  • (Note: If your domain is .it  or .co–for you meaning international or company, Google will think you’re in Italy or Columbia.  Get another domain address.  Google Search Console works best for domains with .com, .org or .net.)
  • Go to Country.  (If you have a domain .us, .ca or .au Google will recognize this and take you to that country–U.S., Canada, Australia.)
  • Now set the country you want to target.  Google will then put you on Google Maps in the area of your preference.

If you do this one thing, it will help you improve local search rankings.

Let us know how this works for you.  And, for more information on this, or other MSP Marketing Tips, contact Ulistic at 717.799.1999 x102.

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