How Much Does A Customized MSP Website Cost?

MSP Website not cutting it? Need to attract new business to your managed services business? Find out how much a new MSP website should cost your MSP.

Looking for a new MSP website for your managed IT services company?

There isn’t a day that goes by when we don’t get a phone call, email, or live chat from a Managed IT Service Provider asking...

“Stuart – How much does an MSP website cost?”

So, what's the answer?

Well, it depends...

Many variables go into pricing a managed services (MSP) website.

Ulistic’s base price for a customized MSP website like the one we recently completed for an awesome Washington DC IT support company called NTConnections is only $497 per month.

Yes...that's all.

And, the base price of $497 per month for a Customized MSP Website nets you some great things...

It helps you get started with a Customized MSP Website Marketing Solution.

Do you have a marketing strategy? If not, you need one today to attract the attention of new prospects and win new business.

The Ulistic Marketing Solution is perfectly aligned for this.

It's for startup MSPs right thru to very mature Managed IT Service Providers.

What's included in the Ulistic MSP Marketing Website solution?

  • A Customized MSP Website that's 100% unique to your business. That’s right, no templates, no duplicate content…Everything is written and designed with your MSP business in mind.
  • Secure. Every site Ulistic deploys is secured with SSL.  Why?  Simple.  A website secured with SSL gives confidence to the website visitor that you take security seriously and also Google is starting to rank SSL secured websites higher than lose not secured with SSL.
  • Mobility is top of mind. More and more website visitors are coming to websites on mobile technologies.  Every Ulistic website is also 100% mobile friendly.  Not just responsive, but mobile is part of the initial considerations when designing your website.
  • SEO Optimized. Every Ulistic website is deployed with SEO in mind. Yes, the right keywords and onpage SEO is the cornerstone to a successful MSP website.  Ulistic will also ensure all the latest SEO strategies are deployed including, open graph and others.
  • Weekly Tech Tips, media pitches and online training sessions for your users. We provide business-focused blog content, pitches for your media list and monthly webinars on demand.
  • Weekly email marketing and a monthly newsletter. Ulistic will market to your prospect list via email, send educational content to your clients and much more.
  • Access to a wealth of online content thru Ulistic's “Marketing in a Box” with over 5 GB of online accessible information including sales letters, postcard templates, online videos, training videos, e-books and much more.
  • Social Media Services. Every piece of content that appears on your website is pushed out via social media services for your followers.
  • The Ulistic 24/7 Live Chat Service. Yes..., the same LIVE CHAT service you saw when you first opened this page. Plus, we'll monitor your website and chat requests around-the-clock.
  • Monthly Online Group Marketing Training Sessions. Each month, Ulistic will host numerous training sessions on social media, SEO, email marketing, content marketing and much more.
  • Quarterly In-Person Training Sessions. Ulistic hosts in-person training sessions where we teach you the fundamentals of MSP marketing and sales success.

And, here's the most essential feature of long-term contract.

You won't be locked into a long-term contract. Ulistic offers a month-to-month relationship. We want to earn your business every single month.

We have clients that have been with Ulistic for almost 8 years. They keep us every month. Why?...

Because we've earned their trust.

What other services can be added onto the Ulistic MSP website solution?

Our $497 price covers all the items above. However, there are additional services that you can add on at any time.

  • Want unique content for your MSP?
  • Need additional SEO services?
  • Looking for more of an impact on social media?
  • Require hands-on coaching and consulting?
  • How about a WOW box to promote your business?

These are just a few services your MSP can add on for an additional fee.

Want to know more about marketing your managed services business?

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How much does it cost for an MSP website? I welcome you to reach out to me – Let’s chat. Email me at or call me directly at Ulistic at 855-964-2608.


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