Grow Your YouTube Channel And Get More Viewers and Subscribers

Many MSPs churn out quality content on YouTube. However, when they looked at their viewership, they only got 36 views, seven likes, and zero comments.

How To Grow Your YouTube Channel To Get More Viewers and Subscribers For Your Tech Videos

Key Points:

  • Any MSP can find and maintain an audience on YouTube.
  • However, many MSPs' main problem is getting consistent traction on their YouTube videos.
  • While it's hard to go from zero to 1,000 subscribers or break the 500 views on your videos in the MSP world, some strategies can get you more views and subscribers.
  • Here's an interesting way to get more subscribers and views for your MSP channel.

Many MSPs churn out quality content on YouTube. However, when they looked at their viewership, they only got 36 views, seven likes, and zero comments.

The experience can be frustrating.

Whether this is your experience or not, you can use a simple strategy to get more attention to your marketing videos on YouTube. So, let's start with the basics.

No One Cares About Your Channel or Offers

Many MSPs publish YouTube videos that don't get them anywhere, and most think it would. After all, MSP marketers tell you to get busy on YouTube, say what you think, and publish lots of tech-related content because if you do, people will find and love your channel.

That couldn't be further from the whole truth. While publishing great tech content on your YouTube channel is crucial, a few critical pieces are missing. For starters:

  • No one cares about what your MSP thinks
  • You need to establish a connection with your viewers before teaching them
  • Audiences want you on the camera, not the infographics

No one cares about your presentations, infographics types, explainer videos, cartoon drawing guides, or the b-roll type of video. People want to see you — they want to see the business owner, the marketing professional, or the sales professional on camera. Viewers want to feel the video's personality, which is why infographics alone don't work.

More importantly, everyone on YouTube cares about themselves — they only care about what they can get from you. Unless you produce ultra-specific content to an audience, you won't get the attention you seek.

Answer Specific Questions That Your Audience is Struggling With

The easiest way to create a visceral bond with audiences on YouTube is to drill down hard into their deepest pain points and desires, then create content to address them.

One of the best content strategies you can use to grow an audience on YouTube is using the acronym ASQ:

  • A - Answer
  • S - Specific
  • Q - Question

You need to create specific video content that answers businesses' questions. Your audience wants value for their time, so your focus should be on answering their questions and providing real solutions for their problems. When you produce video content that answers your viewers' questions, they are more likely to watch it and subscribe to your channel.

However, that begs the question:

How Do You Find the Ultra-Specific Questions People Ask on YouTube?

A great way to grow an audience on YouTube is to create several videos with content that your target audience is interested in or is struggling with. Start by conducting research and finding out the tech issues businesses are trying to solve, then create content that addresses those issues.

While multiple tools can help you find what people are looking for on YouTube, the best way is to check YouTube suggestions from the search box. YouTube will provide suggestions based on what people are searching for.

When you start typing in any keyword with the words "how to," YouTube will start generating several refined suggestions based on what people are searching for and interested in on the platform.

Those suggestions are the goldmine to create your video around.

A Case Example of How to Extract Content Idea that People are Already Searching For

Your MSP might want to discuss securing computers like any other IT company. One content idea would be "How to secure computers." To answer specific questions that your audience is asking around the above question, go to YouTube and start typing in the keywords "How to secure my computer."

YouTube will give you other specific recommendations such as:

  • How to secure my computer from hackers
  • How to secure my computer
  • How to secure my computer with a password
  • How to lock my computer

All the suggestions YouTube offers are the specific questions people are struggling with or are interested in. The suggestions offer you several content ideas around the same topic. You can create several videos based on these suggestions.

When someone comes to search for a video answering the "how to secure my computer," YouTube will offer suggestions on topics you've covered. If you've done your YouTube SEO correctly, YouTube will likely drive them to your videos. The end result will be more views, and if your video content is impressive, you'll turn viewers into subscribers.

Getting Too Specific

Sometimes you might want to be ultra-specific only to address Mac users. However, you must check the viability of the topic you want to create your video around.

When you type in the YouTube search box, "How to secure my iMac," YouTube will not generate any suggestions, meaning such content won't perform well. You should consider a shift to "How to secure my Mac." YouTube will give several specific suggestions, such as:

  • How to secure my MacBook Pro
  • How to secure my MacBook Air

There are several suggestions, but all answer specific questions that YouTube users search for. Select different content ideas and create separate videos addressing those particular questions.

You can create as many videos on the same topic to ensure you capture the attention of everyone looking for an answer.

Those who go on YouTube and search "How to secure my Mac," "How to secure my MacBook Pro," or "How to secure my computer"  will most likely find your content relatable. As a result, they may subscribe to your channel for related content.

Stop Thinking That You Know Better and Tap into What Your Target Audience is Looking For

People on YouTube are self-absorbed, even though they don't mean to.  Viewers are busy and stressed, browsing on YouTube to get specific solutions. They don't care what your IT company offers. Rather, they're looking for solutions to their problems.

Instead of coming up with what you think your target audience is looking for, listen to your prospects' complaints and then repeat the complaint concisely, proving that you understand them perfectly.

No other stories. Answer people's questions ultra-specifically. If you do it right and increase your views, you'll have a chance to bond with your audience and turn them into subscribers.

Ulistic Can Help Your MSP Get More YouTube Viewers and Subscribers

For over a decade, we've been helping MSPs in Canada and the United States to get more traction on YouTube, and we can help you too. Contact us today to leverage our extensive experience working with top-performing businesses globally.


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