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10+ Years Providing Marketing Services For Managed IT Service Companies If you asked me in January 2010 when David West, owner of eKzact Solutions in Calgary, Canada and I came together to form Ulistic in the basement of some dumpy house in Calgary's SE, that in 10+ years I would still be doing thi[...] | Read More

SOC 2 Readiness Assessment: Partner With Vanta Successful organizations focus on core competencies. The focus on core competencies, and with the advancements in the quality and capabilities of procured services, has led to a trend in which in-house IT applications, systems, and associated services [...] | Read More

Managed IT Services Partnerships With Altera Solutions Managed IT services are becoming more and more necessary for companies to stay competitive and thrive. The COVID-19 pandemic revealed numerous benefits of remote work, but it also revealed the struggles of trying to maintain security and effici[...] | Read More

Why Gray Leaf Technology Consultants Delivers the Most Robust vCIO Not all virtual Chief Information Officers (CIO) are created equally. One reason Gray Leaf Technology Consultants sticks out in the crowd of competitors is its dedication to driving revenue for its clients. It focuses on custom appl[...] | Read More

Gozynata: Something Every Single MSP Needs To Look At...And Look At Now! Managed IT services are the technological backbone of a business. As more business has moved online, more advanced technology is required to stay competitive. Additionally, someone is needed to manage all that technology. Mana[...] | Read More

New Orleans IT Support Professional Kevin Launey Opens Up Regarding COVID-19 In NOLA Everyone around the country is doing their part to stay safe and prevent the spread of the coronavirus. At a time when over 163 million Americans are under stay-at-home or shelter in place orders, there are many [...] | Read More

Don't Stop Marketing It’s rough out there in the marketing space with a 33% dive in digital advertising. However, don’t stop marketing just because we’re in a pandemic. In any economic crisis, the immediate reaction is for businesses to pause their marketing campaigns until things return to[...] | Read More

Free Google Advertising Credits Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai announced that it has set aside $800 in ads and loans to help government organizations and small businesses respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Google like any business has been affected by COVID-19. Its ad business has taken a m[...] | Read More

Quality Writing Workmanship Has Died Last weekend I pledged to write more.  This is personal blog #3 in a week.  At one time in my life, believe it or not, I used to blog every single day.  I'm not talking about a short two or three hundred words blog on some piece of useless junk that no one wo[...] | Read More

Marketing Expert Shares Breakthrough Secrets I recently caught up with my friend and mentor, Karl Bryan. Karl is a software developer and entrepreneur. His website,, helps business coaches grow their businesses. In a far-ranging interview, we talked about navigating the COVID-19 pa[...] | Read More

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