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Because a great number of applications and websites can only upload photo files in JPG format, you shouldn’t have to be a digital developer or IT mastermind in order to convert a PNG file to a JPG file. However, too many people (even industry insiders) have struggled to covert these files cheaply [...] | Read More

Is Your Managed Services Business Recession Proof? Get ready to get punched in the face in 2019.  For some of us old-timers, this is nothing new.  But, for some...get ready, you've never been thru a recession is a emotional roller coaster.  But, you have time to prepare now. Her[...] | Read More

Have you ever experienced freezing cold temperatures? I don’t mean the chilly 50° of southern states, like Florida, or even the cold freezing temps of northern states, like Michigan. I mean the really, freeze within minutes, deep winter cold of Western Canada—you know when the temperature is 40[...] | Read More

What do Henry Ford, Nikola Tesla, Mother Teresa, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett have in common? They were each given 24 hours a day in which to accomplish their goals? If the words, “I don’t have enough time!” regularly run through your mind, it may be time to look at ways to make the mo[...] | Read More

Google released a new algorithm in late summer, designed to improve users' search results. Dubbed "Medic," this algorithm was rolled out from August 1 to October 1 and seeks to help ensure that users get the best fits for their search terms via Google. While just hearing the term "Google update" can[...] | Read More

If you’re a managed service provider looking to generate more leads, increase your revenue, and expand your business, there’s one man you have to know about: Marcus Sheridan. Below, we’ll tell you who Marcus Sheridan is (for the two or three people left who may not know!), and we’ll go[...] | Read More

As Managed Service Providers — or MSPs — we run our customers' IT services. Our clients sign up and pay for a specific group of services that we promise to deliver. Usually, they commit to our services for a certain number of users at their institution over a set period, such as a year. They [...] | Read More

"Just trust me on this one" is a poor sales pitch. When selling cybersecurity solutions, you want your customers to know what they're buying and why. There's no point in keeping the people who support your business in the dark. Transparency will always get you farther with the customer. One area[...] | Read More

Visual content such as graphics and images are essential for getting more engagement from your website visitors. Visual images can also help boost your ranking from Google, especially infographics. On the other hand, many people are intimidated by the creative process and think it takes expensive so[...] | Read More

Three of the top MSPs in the nation sat down to talk with Stuart Crawford about their experiences working within a vertical market. But before we get to their stories, let’s touch on what exactly a vertical market is. What Is a Vertical Market? In terms of managed service providers, a ver[...] | Read More


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