The Best Way to Market Your MSP Without Any Outside Help

Every managed service provider (MSP) is looking to grow its business. Unfortunately, many have been frustrated with their marketing strategies or hefty fees charged by some digital marketing agencies only to end up with insignificant results.

The Best Way to Market Your MSP Without Any Outside Help

Every managed service provider (MSP) is looking to grow its business. Unfortunately, many have been frustrated with their marketing strategies or hefty fees charged by some digital marketing agencies only to end up with insignificant results. If you've been searching for a T-bone steak the hard way, you're probably ready to talk to the butcher! Fortunately for you, we have compiled some simple ways to market your MSP without the help of a marketing agency. These tips will save you marketing dollars if you're on a shoestring budget.

1: Leverage LinkedIn

LinkedIn provides an effective but cost-effective means to promote your MSP business. It just takes a little effort, but when you do it right and keep people engaged with informative content, you can acquire great leads and take your business to a whole new level.

With an easy campaign setup process, you can generate leads, drive traffic to your website, and build brand awareness with LinkedIn. Just be sure to target professionals who might be interested in your offering by industry, job title, function, and more.

Besides, you can make valuable friends or "connections" and then add value to their lives and hope they turn into leads. For example, you can regularly share insights about various ways they can tackle emerging cybercrimes. Gradually, they will build trust in you and come knocking for professional advice, and then you can grab the moment to close a sale.

2: Don't Be a Chicken: Get Google Review from Your Clients

Social proof plays a critical role in your customers' purchase decisions. More often, people book hotels based on customer reviews they read online and try new eateries based on the number of people they see inside. Naturally, people buy products or services based on the testimonials they've read.

Even if your potential clients seem impressed by your IT products and services, they will almost always want to seek social proof from those who have used your service before to guide their final decision-making process.

So, turning satisfied customers into advocates for your business can be an excellent marketing tactic. Encourage your current and previous customers to leave reviews to establish social proof. MSPs that truck customer satisfaction through CSAT and NPS surveys also have a better chance of establishing consistent, high-quality social proof.

3: Start a Bird Dog Program

Regardless of your industry, consider partnering with like-minded individuals, business owners, or sales professionals in the same community. Unfortunately, many business owners despise networking, especially in the local community.

If you want to keep your MSP business growing, you need to "get out there" and meet new contacts. Try to attend a networking event once a month, such as a local business forum or networking breakfast. Such social gatherings could just link you with your biggest client.

It's also a good idea to craft partnerships with various professionals. For instance, a marketing professional could have information about someone in dire need of your service. By collaborating with them, they can help you strike a lucrative deal and earn a commission in return.

4: Ask For Referrals

Why market your own enterprise when you can get someone to do it for you? Start by encouraging your most satisfied and long-standing customers to introduce you to some of their close business associates. It also pays to offer them a small incentive for every successful introduction. For instance, you could offer them a small discount on their own invoices.

Since time immemorial, word of mouth referral has been the easiest to convert and least expensive marketing channel. In fact, most leads (about 75%) for MSPs come from referrals. Hardly will anybody referred to your business fail to follow up with a phone call, email, or a website visit.

To ensure that every referred lead converts, make sure your website is unique, compelling, and authoritative. It needs to alleviate any doubts and make the impression that you're the type of business to partner with. Additionally, your website should give new visitors a clear and easy path to conversion. Statistics indicate that most customers make a purchase decision within seconds upon landing on your site, so that first impression is critical.

After mastering how to land a referral lead successfully, the next step is to scale this beautiful pipeline. Set up a well-advertised referral program. For example, you could consider giving your current customers a lucrative referral bonus. Of course, netting a new client every month is worth more than a gift card!

5: Get Involved with the Media

Technology is featured all over the news these days. Even if the Media does not always cover tech for "good" reasons, you can take advantage of every mention to remind potential clients that you are their "go-to" expert. Contact a bunch of journalists to seek publications on dailies or feature in panel discussions on matters technology to get your name out there.

If, for example, a story is featured about a recent cybercrime, you could chip in and recommend your encryption products or offer cybersecurity advice. What you'll be doing is simply making the most of free advertising.

Generally, more media coverage raises your name and brand awareness. Always craft the right strategies to ensure your company features in top stories that will get viewers or readers thinking about your business.

Focus on the kinds of idea journalists are looking for – something that will add value to what their audiences are itching to hear. The outlet's target audience, such as men aged 25-50, women aged 35-55, seniors, or teens, is what drives how editors choose what's newsworthy.

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