Is Your MSP Getting Paid In Pizza and Beer for IT Services?

If your MSP is still getting paid in pizza and beer, it might be time to raise the bar on your professionalism. See why this is important as you grow your business.

I Love Pizza & Beer:  But I Won't Work For It!

There are simply some markets that you may not want to be in, and one of those is what we like to call the "beer and pizza" market. This is those smaller organizations -- generally under 10 people in the business -- where they would rather pay a family member or friend in pizza and beer to come to take care of their IT needs. This is probably not the market that you want to be in, but how can you raise the bar and get ready for the big leagues?

Creating a Professional Standard for Appearance

Sure, putting on a suit and tie (or at least some well-tailored slacks and a button-up shirt) may not be that difficult, but upgrading your personal appearance is only the first step in assuring that your clients take you seriously. Smaller businesses are accustomed to technology gurus who are a little more haphazard about their appearance, but it is crucial to adopt a more professional look as you expand your business. Mid-size to large organizations equate a polished exterior with success and the ability to deliver the services that you promise. If you take the time to dress the part, you're much more likely to break the cycle of only working with small businesses.

Improve Your Digital Front Door

Websites have long been known as the digital front door to your business, and with today's proactive customers who do a fair bit of research before making a call -- it's more important than ever that your digital website presence is indicative of the quality of your work. Managed services providers may have been able to get away with a basic website in the past, but staying competitive means more than upgrading the design and functionality of your site. It's crucial that your SEO tactics are also working well, or you run the risk of getting left behind by your competitors as customers begin their search for a new IT services partner.

Get a MSP SEO Upgrade

Great SEO practices mean implementing education for your customers, and that often includes creating a wealth of information content that helps people better understand the options in the market. This could mean videos that are quick-hit topics such as an overview of different technology options or even productivity tips. Your education can also take the form of longer articles that go into detail about the benefits of shifting focus to a new direction.

Creating a sustainable business starts with a professional website and marketing materials, and continues as your clients get to know you and your technicians. Each interaction should reinforce the idea that your organization is trusted and able to handle whatever comes your way. At Ulistic, we work with your team to create a marketing and revenue-generating engine that is continually educating your customers and driving leads in your direction. Contact us today via our quick online form and we will provide you with a complimentary, 60-minute website review with Ulistic's CEO and Founder, Stuart Crawford.


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