4 Biggest Marketing Mistakes MSPs Make On Linkedin

LinkedIn has become a haven for spammers for people looking to make a quick buck. Many marketers reaching out via LinkedIn don't know how to approach potential clients correctly.

LinkedIn Spam — 4 Biggest Messaging Mistakes Thousands of MSP Marketers Do When Reaching Out For Prospects

Key Points From the Article:

  • LinkedIn messages take work to get right.
  • While some professionals make mistakes that ruin their chances of winning prospects, others send irrelevant messages that spam people's inboxes.
  • As an MSP, you must ensure you don't mistake spamming prospects' inboxes with irrelevant outreach messaging because it'll hurt your brand reputation.
  • You need to understand who you're sending the message to and how to craft your information to create genuine connections, create real conversation, and build stronger relationships.

LinkedIn is an excellent networking platform for professionals to connect. As the largest social network for professionals, many people on LinkedIn are experts, thought leaders, and business owners.

However, LinkedIn has become a haven for spammers for people looking to make a quick buck. Many marketers reaching out via LinkedIn don't know how to approach potential clients correctly.

Many appear not to understand how to choose the right words, interact with potential clients, and make a sale. Like GaryVee said, "Everything works until marketers screw it up." Marketers are starting to screw up LinkedIn.

There are several mistakes that other MSPs and professionals are making that you shouldn't. However, we're going to focus on the most common ones.

1. Sending Automated Messages

Automation has its place in business, but not in building relationships on LinkedIn. Sending automated messages to prospects might sound great in theory instead of sending them manually. However, there's a huge problem with the automated approach.

Automated LinkedIn messages are always inauthentic, and your recipient can smell them a mile away. When you send a prospect an automated message, they'll conclude that you don't care about the relationship you're trying to create.

People judge automated messages ruthlessly — you don't deserve their time if you can't take the time to write a personalized message. Your prospect will think that if you can't take the time to research them and create a customized message, you don't deserve a favorable response. You'll be spamming them.

Instead of sending automated messages, you should invest in making genuine connections, engaging in real conversations, and building stronger relationships.

When you connect or someone sends you a request on LinkedIn, you should write a personalized message. Doing so will show the prospects that you value their time.

Otherwise, your prospect will just click the automatically generated message you sent and discard your connection or consider it irrelevant for disrespecting their time.

2. Writing a Wrong Opening Sentence

Sometime back, we got one of the solicited LinkedIn messages. The person started the message correctly with salutations — meaning she wasn't using an automated tool to send the message.

However, things started falling apart in the opening. The opening said:

"Hope you're doing well during these trying times."

Yes, everyone knows that the world is a mess right now. The world has been in trying times for at least two years. Covid came and went, we've got turmoil in Eastern Europe, and everyone is facing higher fuel prices. No question — it's trying times.

However, you don't need to mention it at the opening of every message sent to prospects. Instead, you should start the message with something more impactful.

You should understand that prospect inboxes might be swamped with incoming messages a day, and they won't read all those messages or read them from the beginning to the end.

Ensure the sentence after salutations engage the prospect. You want your recipient to be interested in what you're saying and drive them to take the action you want.

3. Writing a Bunch of Fluff Instead of Going Straight to The Point

While you shouldn't be vague in your message, avoid including non-essential information in your message body. Some people use a general template and send it out to every prospect. While templates are great, you should weed out non-essential information and fix what suit your client.

You should understand that we live in a world where everyone is in a rush and feels pressed for time. Nearly everyone is on the clock and wants to execute things as quickly as possible and would hate a message full of fluff.

However, that doesn't mean you should compromise what you want to say. You should include everything you want to say in the clearest way possible. Your message content should be authentic, precise, and impact your prospect.

Don't confuse authenticity with leaving out your personality. Instead, use your personality to create a good and lasting first impression.

4. Assuming You Know The Prospect Without Doing More Research

LinkedIn messages shouldn't include wrong assumptions about the potential client. When trying to connect to someone you barely know and describe them with wrong assumptions, you show them you didn't do your homework well.

You must get off on the right foot and avoid over-inflated or fake information in your outreach. Don't assume you know them.

Rather than making assumptions and reaching out with wrong information, research and know the exact information, such as:

  • The job title of the prospect
  • What their company deals with
  • Career trajectory or job history

If you doubt anything about your prospect, don't use it in the message.

What many people forget is that small details speak volumes. Saying anything wrong about your prospect's profession or why they're on LinkedIn ruins connection chances. Keep your message honest because your prospect will easily uncover any exaggeration or fluff.

LinkedIn Is A Powerful Platform for Professionals to Create Meaningful Networks — Don't Spam It

LinkedIn is a tremendous networking tool — not one to send a blast-bunch of crap. As a professional, you shouldn't spam the platform with messages that won't get your business results.

While there is no issue prospecting on LinkedIn, you should ensure you approach the process correctly.

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