Get High-Quality Backlinks Without Spending a Fortune

To rank on the first page of Google, you need to build backlinks from reputable blogs and news sites.

A Secret Way To Get High-Quality Backlinks Without Spending a Fortune

Key Points:

  • To rank on the first page of Google, you need to build backlinks from reputable blogs and news sites.
  • There are a gazillion sources of information online on how to get quality backlinks — with outreach dominating as the best strategy.
  • While the outreach-based strategies work great in building quality backlinks, they don't scale.
  • You need link-building at a scale when you're in a competitive niche.
  • Ulistic shares one new strategy to help you build backlinks at scale without sending a single outreach email or spending a fortune.

To drive organic traffic to your website, you must build quality backlinks from reputable blogs and news sites to rank on the first page of Google. Google considers backlinks as a vote of confidence or recommendation.

Getting backlinks can be incredibly difficult, especially when your business is starting. However, if you want to boost your SEO performance, you need to ensure you get more high-quality backlinks to your website than your competitors.

However, not all backlinks are created equal. You need to evaluate the quality of a backlink. While there are numerous techniques to get quality backlinks, today, we want to focus on one that no one is talking about.

The New Strategy to Get Backlinks At Scale for Cheap

There is one secret way to get quality backlinks for cheap that many don't utilize. The strategy involves identifying competitors who have gone out of business, buying their domains, and redirecting them to your site.

Let's break down the entire process — one step at a time.

Step #1. Identify Broken Links

Your first step is identifying a broken link from an authority in your industry.

There are a gazillion sources of backlinks on the internet — industry news, local media, directories — all kind of information. You'd want to check broken links from authoritative sites.

The best practice involves using a great tool called to find broken links. In this case, we used the tool to scan the website — a site in the MSP IT services industry.  On scanning the site for broken links, we found one —

Step #2. Check For Bad Host

Next, we check for a bad host. We highlighted the domain and checked to see if it was available.

We plugged the domain into Namecheap to check if it was available and found it was available for $8.98/year. You'd want to add it to your cart instantly. However, ensure that the domain is worth the effort and that you're not getting a bunch of link spam.

Step #3. Analyze the Domain's Value

We used Semrush to establish the value of the domain. Ahref tool can also do the task better. We plugged in the domain in Semrush and searched. You'd want to check for:

  • Domain authority
  • Referring backlinks

When we checked the domain, it had an authority score of three, which is fairly low. The domain you want to try should have better authority scores.

While authority scores matter, you should pay more attention to where the backlinks are coming from. In our case, the domain had six backlinks from five different referring domains, which is an excellent deal for $8.98. On checking, we found the following links:

  • Channel buzz

Two of the referring domains are excellent — Channel buzz and

To establish how good the referring domains are, we analyzed the referring domains. We found that has an authority score of 52 and Channel buzz 53. For $8.98, would be a better investment.

Step #4. Buy the Domain

After establishing domain value, go a buy the domain. You can check for other competitors within the same field that has gone out of business, get their domains and redirect them to your website.

Step #5. Sign in to Your Host's Account and Do 301 Redirect at DNS Level

After buying the domain, you can log into your account to execute a 301 redirect at the DNS level. 301 redirect allows you to pass that link authority to the domain you bought. Those links coming in it passed that authority to the landing page.

So finds a page on your website that matches the domain you've bought and proceed as follows.

  1. Copy the link to a page on your website
  2. If Namecheap is your DNS service provider, go to the DNS manager
  3. Find the URL redirect at the record
  4. Paste the page URL you'd want the domain to redirect to
  5. Make it a permanent redirect
  6. Click Apply when done

In our case, we redirected the domain to one of our client's cloud service pages. Once we applied it, the C name for the www record disappeared.

To confirm the link was redirecting successfully, we put the URL in a browser to check if it'll automatically redirect to the client's page. On checking the link, the redirected to Velocity IT's cloud services.

There are some SEO people out there who will frown on this redirect. The key thing is not to go crazy. Don't look for domains with overly spammy links.

You can insist on disavowing spammy links if you want to. However, don't buy the domain if there are too many spammy links. 301 redirects are one way you can get some cheap, good, and effective backlinks for your MSP.

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