Is Content Syndication a Good or a Bad Thing?

Syndicated content may have a bad reputation, but it's not a terrible idea to use this type of content and it can even add excitement to your website.

Getting the most from your website requires that you regularly add good, well-written content. After all, readers are going to get tired of checking your site regularly for new content when you post irregularly or only once a quarter or so. However, creating good content requires a lot of time and effort. Plus, if you are writing all of the content yourself, you can end up repeating yourself or at least falling into a set pattern. One way to avoid this and to add excitement and interest to your website is to use the syndicated content.

hat is content syndication?

Website content syndication can work in two different ways. First, you can give another site permission to use an excerpt or an entire article that was originally published on your site, with the understanding that the site will give your site attribution and direct their readers to your site for more information. Secondly, you could be the one populating your site with articles originally published on other sites, giving them attribution and a link.

Is content syndication a good or a bad thing?

While content syndication has gotten something of a bad reputation over the years, the reasons for this are largely unfounded. Site editors have traditionally feared that such content will be viewed as duplicated content by search engines like Google. This really isn't true. What happens is that the first site to publish the content gets the ranking. In fact, we've seen many websites rank very well using the syndicated content.

The part we don't like about syndicated content is that it is shared content and, by definition, doesn't add anything new and unique to your site. In fact, the potential exists for two competitors in the same market to both use the same syndicated content.

How to use syndicated content wisely

At Ulistic, we recommend that you be careful to match the content you use with the maturity of your business model. For instance, if your audience is made up of experts in your field, you don't want to use a "five basic tips" type of article.

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