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No question. MSPs are the world's professionals at delivering tech solutions to help small and mid-sized businesses achieve their goals.

An MSP Got No Leads in 12 Months Until it Undid A Deadly Marketing Mistake They Made

Key Points:

  • No question. MSPs are the world's professionals at delivering tech solutions to help small and mid-sized businesses achieve their goals.
  • However, when it comes to web marketing, some unknowingly make the fatal mistake of going geeky, which costs them leads and precious time.
  • MSP web marketing is one powerful tool that allows you to promote your business, capture new leads, and eventually turn those leads into sales. However, you must approach it right to work.
  • When you outsource your MSP marketing to an agency, you need to trust them because they have all the expertise on what works and what doesn't. Otherwise, you'll set up your MSP for failure.
  • One MSP distrusted their MSP and implemented their will only to get no leads in 12 months until they undid their mistake back to what we recommended.

One MSP made one huge mistake with its marketing.

A year ago,  we helped an MSP in the United States deploy a website and do some web marketing. Just before we scheduled to take the website live, the IT company came to us saying they wanted to change the site's wording.

We saw no problems and asked them to discuss it to see what we had to do. As experts in the SEO and marketing world, we were against replacing keywords because most MSPs want to go all geeky and techie.

Marketing, on the flip side, is more simple. You look at the analytics, see what Google is saying, and then deliver a very straightforward message on what prospects and potential clients are searching for.

The Deadly Mistake That Cost the MSP Leads for 12 Months

Against our better judgment, we changed things to what the IT service provider wanted. We replaced wording such as "IT services" and "IT support" with wording like "Microsoft Azure Consultants,"  "your migration specialist," and "cloud solution provider."

We were reluctant but executed their wishes. After all, the MSP was the client. However, deep in our minds, we knew the approach was a setup for ultimate failure.

We took the website live and waited for results. Twelve months went by — no results. Then we got the "Dear Ulistic. We're going to go in a different direction" email. The email stated that the MSP wanted to change a bunch of stuff on their website to how we initially recommended it.

They changed all that "Microsoft Azure" and  "Cloud solutions" verbiage they wanted to "IT support" and "IT services."

Results Started Coming in after Fixing The Wording Mistake

Immediately after the MSP changed its wording, things started to happen. All of a sudden, they started getting leads to their website. Prospects started reaching out.

The shift in results made us conclude that we weren't that far off 12 months ago. We should have dug our heels in and told the MSP that putting the Microsoft Azure junk on their website was a setup for ultimate failure.

Time proved our assumption true.

The Fatal Web Marketing Mistake Your MSP Should Avoid

The demand for IT support is rising as the world relies on technology. No question. Your MSP business provides expert IT support to other businesses.

However, you may lack the expertise level of your MSP marketing agency when it comes to search engine optimization. If you outsource your marketing to an agency, you shouldn't try to dictate to them what you should be doing.

Google uses a complex algorithm to determine which site appears at the top of the search results, and it requires special skills to understand how the system works.

People skilled in SEO can help you improve your website ranking and put you in front of potential customers.

Let Experts Do What They Do Best

Let experts do what they do best — plain and simple. Regardless of the MSP marketing agency you choose, they do all they know. Though some marketing agencies aren't recommendable, you should understand what the market wants.

Businesses want IT service providers. While some might want digital transformation specialists or Microsoft Azure specialists, most are after IT service providers. Half of the businesses you're trying to make clients may not even know what digital transformation or Microsoft Azure means.

The MSP wanted to offer Microsoft Azure cloud solutions in the above case. However, that's not what most businesses are looking for. The MSP's potential market is looking for an IT service provider that can deliver nearly all the IT solutions to help them achieve their goals.

More importantly, "IT service provider" is what prospects and potential clients will search on Google. Unless the business is mature enough and has tech professionals — and that's a different story — they'll rarely search for the Azure crap on Google.

If you focus on Azure, you'll miss out on clients searching for cloud solutions and other IT services.

Most MSPs Target Small and Mid-Sized Market

Nearly every MSP targets small and mid-sized businesses. Such businesses are all looking for IT service providers or IT services. MSPs who stick to the core philosophy of IT services will outperform competitors who don't.

Your MSP should focus your web marketing on what people want:

  • IT services
  • IT Consulting
  • Outsourced IT services
  • Managed IT services
  • IT support

While you can mention all other services, most potential clients aren't looking for them on Google. All your prospects only care about is having IT services or support that address their problems.

Focusing on what your prospects aren't looking for is setting your business up for failure. You won't get any leads.

Ulistic Will Help Your Business With Its Web Marketing

Your MSP web marketing is critical. You can't afford to execute random strategies while crossing your fingers and praying for results. You need a team of MSP marketing specialists who have invested thousands of hours in the craft to deliver results.

For over a decade, Ulistic has helped seven and eight-figure managed IT services providers achieve greatness through their web marketing, and we can help you too. Contact us today for MSP marketing services that attract the best new clients.


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