The Principles of Leadership I learned in the Canadian Army

Here are the best leadership principles ever!  I learned these when I was a young Master Corporal in the Canadian Armed Forces.  Forgot them for a while, but really need to start living these once again.

  1. Achieve professional competence.
  2. Appreciate your own strengths and limitations and pursue self-improvement.
  3. Seek and accept responsibility
  4. Lead by example.
  5. Make sure that your followers know your meaning and intent, then lead them to the accomplishment of the mission.
  6. Know your soldiers and promote their welfare.
  7. Develop the leadership potential of your followers.
  8. Make sound and timely decisions.
  9. Train your soldiers as a team and employ them up to their capabilities.
  10. Keep your followers informed of the mission, the changing situation and the overall picture.

It would be awesome if these principles of leadership were also part of the civilian world.  Well, Ulistic will incorporate these principles in our MSP Business Coaching business.