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Providing Personal Care and Attention in IT Support & Computer Services in Niagara Falls, Welland, St. Catharines and Grimsby.

Bryan Lachapalle is the CEO of B4 networks, an IT services and support company providing trusted customer support for businesses throughout Niagara. His mission is to offer consistently trustworthy and reliable IT support to his clients. Through his core values, loyalty and honesty, he succeeds in building and maintaining lasting relationships with a wide range of businesses.

The personal contact, care and attention that Bryan provides undeniably distinguish him from his competitors. Furthermore, his commitment to his clients’ IT support needs should serve as an exemplary model for other IT services providers.

The history behind his company…and where it all started:

Bryan entered the IT business ten years ago working for a company that primarily offered break-fix support. After numerous conversations with clients, he realized that there was a common thread running through their concerns: their IT support needs weren’t being adequately met. When the company lost one of its biggest clients, and subsequently had to downsize, Bryan left to establish a company of his own. Unlike the previous company that only offered break-fix services at hourly fees, his new company was based on more affordable monthly support contracts.

What does he believe are some of the major challenges confronting businesses in Niagara and how does technology play a role in these challenges?  

Bryan believes that one of the biggest challenges that businesses are facing is the constant interruption to daily operations as a result of malfunctioning computers. Another significant challenge is their failure to understand how they can leverage technology to be an asset in their business and propel them forward as a leader in their industry.

What are clients saying about his managed services program and the benefits that it affords them?

The most important benefit is that all of his clients’ employees can call directly to get their problems resolved immediately. They no longer have to go through a manager or get permission to call for IT support. Therefore, from the employee’s perspective, they are able to receive fast and efficient support. From the managers’ perspective, they are no longer being bogged down by requests for IT support and can instead focus on managing their business.

What personal values does he apply to the day-to-day operations of his IT support company, B4 networks?

The core values that he brings to B4 networks are loyalty and honesty, which were instilled in him during his tenure in the military. He applies these personal values to the operation of his business, where they ensure transparency in the decision-making process. In this way, clients are always assured of their intentions and commitment to their business strategies. And though Bryan acknowledges that communication isn’t a value, he believes that reliable communication is lacking in the IT sector. Clients often call IT providers only to receive no response for days at a time. At B4 networks, they’ve made it one of their highest missions to ensure that all of their clients know exactly what is going on during each step of any project or service.

What would you tell Niagara businesses that are currently struggling with IT services providers to get them to at least pick up the phone and give you a call?

There is no absolutely no harm in having a second opinion. And, there is no cost incurred by your company. The worst that you can do is delay. If an IT company isn’t servicing you the way that you want to be taken care of, delaying is not going to make a difference. Your IT support company’s services aren’t going to change over night. It’s really a culture within the company that needed to be established from day one. That culture is present at B4 networks.

Is your Niagara business frustrated with your IT provider’s constant inability to take care of all of your IT needs? Then, contact B4 networks by visiting https://www.b4networks.ca.

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