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Hi Everyone

I want to take a view seconds to wish everyone the best of the Christmas season.  It has been an exciting year.

Since Ulistic serves global clients, it will be business as usual next week.  We’ll have a reduced staff but our email will be functional 24/7 during the holidays and if any marketing emergencies come up, please call my cell phone directly or text me at (716) 263-6961.

On January 1, it will mark my 9th year with Ulistic.  I started Ulistic 9 years ago to offer an affordable marketing service for MSPs between $500K and $5M in annual revenue.  I took many of the same principles that afforded IT Matters, a Calgary-based IT services company to grow from Rob, Tony and myself fixing computers to a $5.5M MSP in just seven years.  Today, these same core principles of service, education and thought leadership are still near and dear to me.

Thank you for your trust, patience and continued custom.  I look forward to servicing many of you in 2019 and assisting in your journey towards stratospheric success.

Once again, my cell phone is open to everyone.

I am not a CEO who hides behind a gatekeeper.  Tried that this year – didn’t work out that well.

Have a question, need, concern or want to chat about marketing, SEO, social media…call me, I will never say NO to anyone. That is my commitment.  You can also email me at and I’ll do my best to get back in touch with you.

Stuart Crawford

Stuart R. Crawford
MSP Marketing Consultant
Ulistic LP
(863) 451-3088

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