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Healthcare IT Services in Raleigh-DurhamTriangle Urology is proud of their 80+year reputation of providing quality urological care to their patients. They are a community-based urological practice of six doctors and one Physicians Assistant located in Durham, Chapel Hill, Roxboro, and Brier Creek, North Carolina. Their goal is to provide their patients with superior care and total respect.

Triangle Urology was having difficulty with their electronic health/medical record system (EHR/EMR) in their central office in Durham. Their remote offices were also having problems and were continually being disconnected from the system. It was difficult for them to chart and access patient information. This was a “show stopper.” It caused a disruption of critical information and adversely affected their productivity and profitability.

RCOR Provided The Emergent Care They Needed.

Tim Richter and the team at RCOR were called to help find the solution. They worked diligently to detect the problem with the EHR/EMR system. According to Davin Brown, the Chief Financial Officer for Triangle Urology:

“Tim and the team at RCOR went through our entire system from top to bottom to figure out if the problem was in the hardware or software. They stayed on it until all issues were resolved. The problem was with the software, and Tim pinpointed it. We were very impressed with his efforts and expertise.”

In addition, Tim and the team:

  • Replaced an aging server,
  • Implemented virtual technology,
  • Set up multiple switches interconnecting servers with Link Aggregation to provide increased speed,
  • Improved the network connection at the main office to provide smoother access, and
  • Set up a redundant connection at the main office with wireless LTE backup at remote sites.

The Outcome Was More Than Satisfactory. It Was “Impressive.”

After RCOR’s services, the network and software disconnects disappeared and speed was increased. Resolution of these problems increased patient flow and helped Triangle Urology serve their patients more efficiently. They were so impressed with RCOR that they continue to depend on RCOR today for their computer, network, hardware and software support, email hosting, and proactive monitoring of servers and network devices.

Davin raves about Tim and the team at RCOR:

“Tim and his team work as independent contractors, but they allow us to treat them as employees. If we need them, they are here in a moment’s notice. We have been very impressed with their dedication, responsiveness and expertise.”

RCOR Is Integral to Triangle Urology’s HIPAA Compliance.

Davin explains:

“A computer review is now required by the federal government for healthcare practices like ours. We were selected for a random audit, and Tim and his team were integral to our superior performance. Tim conducted a thorough security review of our system to ensure we passed the audit. With RCOR’s assistance, we passed with no issues whatsoever.”

RCOR and Tim Always “Go Above and Beyond the Call of Duty.”

Davin went on to say:

“Our business is unique. We have six doctors in our practice. They ‘live’ on theInternet in the office and at home. They often need to access EHRs at home. Tim and his team ensure their home IT systems and routers always work properly. RCOR and Tim work for Triangle Urology but they realize that our work goes home with our doctors, and they support them 24/7. This is definitely above and beyond what others have done in the past, and exemplary of RCOR’s high standard of customer service. Because of this we continually refer RCOR to other businesses in our area, and not just healthcare practices. We refer them to CPAs and businesses in other industries. And they, too, have been very pleased with the services they’ve received from RCOR. I highly recommend others give RCOR a call.”

If your healthcare practice, or other business in the Raleigh-Durham area is looking for a reliable, experienced, and “impressive” IT provider, call RCOR at 919-313-9355. We’ll be happy to visit your office and provide a complimentary IT Assessment.

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