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Washington DC IT ServicesThe workplace of tomorrow is here. Companies are making the shift towards workplace flexibility and having employees work away from the office. Owia Technology is leading the charge by replacing its traditional office with a shared office space. During this move, we experienced no downtime as a result of our cloud-based communication and collaboration applications. And fortunately, our team of IT experts can help you do the same! We offer:

  • Cloud services: Our flexible cloud services give you and your staff access to your corporate data and applications from any device or location while ensuring relocation is simple and painless.
  • Business VoIP systems: By utilizing business VoIP, you and your staff will have the ability to stay connected to your corporate voice communications system over the Internet, which makes relocating and remote access a snap.
  • Strategic IT consulting: Owia Technology’s team of consultants are available to assist your organization with your IT decision making such as selecting and managing vendors, implementing technology projects and migrations, or procuring the best hardware and software that meets your requirements.

Through implementing a business strategy that includes cloud computing and VoIP systems, we’re able to help you increase flexibility for your staff and achieve a better work-life balance while ensuring you’re able to better adapt and respond to changes in the workplace. Once you’ve achieved this level of flexibility, your organization will benefit from:

  • Increased employee retention rates: When your employees are able to work from home or other remote locations, they’re more inclined to stay with the organization as a result of feeling happier and more trusted with their day-to-day responsibilities.
  • Enhanced staff productivity: When your employees have access to business-critical applications and data, they’re able to get more done on the go, which results in enhanced staff productivity throughout the organization.
  • Improved accessibility: When you’re leveraging the cloud and business VoIP systems, you’re able to access applications and data on the go while ensuring reliable communication capabilities at all times.

Interested in maximizing the impact of cloud services and making improvements to your organization’s workplace flexibility options? Contact Us to Learn More About how to leverage cloud technology to increase your staff productivity. To learn more about our cloud packages and our strategic Washington, DC IT consulting services, give us a call at (202) 969-4657 or send us an email at info@owiatech.com. Owia Technology specializes in keeping businesses productive and flexible through the effective use of innovative IT solutions!

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