Master MSP Sales Negotiations With Jim Thomas - March 13/14 Atlanta, GA

    The Owners of ULISTIC Built A Successful $5 Million MSP Business.  Our goal is to help you do the same with 2 full days of Negotiation Training In Atlanta, March 13 and 14th!   The Experts at Ulistic Know That You Can Win More Sales AND Reduce Your Costs With Proven Negotiation Tactics From […]

    The Owners of ULISTIC Built A Successful $5 Million MSP Business.

 Our goal is to help you do the same with 2 full days of Negotiation Training In Atlanta, March 13 and 14th!


The Experts at Ulistic Know That You Can Win More Sales AND Reduce Your Costs With Proven Negotiation Tactics From JIM THOMAS, World-Renowned Negotiating Expert!

These days, successfully closing MSP sales and keeping costs from outrunning revenues increasingly requires something that most IT professionals don’t especially like and don’t do very well:  Negotiating.  Mix in a struggling economy, brutal competition, and price-obsessed customers and vendors, and the conclusion is inescapable:  It’s time to improve your negotiating skills!  You can’t put this off any longer!

It’s simple. Do the math: 

  • For example, if you’re making a 10% net after tax profit, and
  • Your salespeople could negotiate a 2½% price increase from your customers, and
  • Your buyers could negotiate a 2½% discount from your vendors,
  • Your net after tax profit would increase by 50%!

Jim will show you how to do this, quickly and easily!

ULISTIC’s NEGOTIATE TO WIN WORKSHOP with Jim Thomas will show you:

  • How MSPs consistently leave money on the table with customers and vendors.
  • The message that rate cutting sends to customers.
  • How better marketing — not rate cutting — will make you more successful.
  • How major trends in the managed services marketplace have made negotiating skills more important than ever.
  • How to distinguish persuading and selling from negotiating, and when to use each skill.
  • How to overcome the pervasive anti-negotiation bias in North American culture.
  • How to prepare more effectively for your negotiations.
  • How to competently employ a full range of best negotiating practices to your maximum advantage.
  • How to negotiate service-level agreements that make money and get renewed.
  • How to ensure your agreements match your clients’ business strategies.
  • How to negotiate with clients, vendor and fulfillment partners, distributors, employees, consultants, partners, investors, and others.

ULISTIC’s NEGOTIATE TO WIN WORKSHOP with Jim Thomas will give you:

  • Group coaching-consulting time with Jim where he’ll address MSP negotiating issues of your choice, such as salaries, incentive compensation, buy-sell and exit agreements, benefits, MDF, change orders, etc.
  • In-class exercises to practice your growing skills in realistic MSP scenarios.

Registration Fee

  • $800 for 1 attendee
  • (or $500 if you’re a Ulistic Client)
  • $700 each for 2 attendees
  • $600 each for 3 or more attendees

 Still not convinced? 

You will be after you read about Ulistic, Stuart & Jim!

About Ulistic and Stuart Crawford

Ulistic Is Different — We’ve Been Where You Are Now

Ulistic’s President and Chief Marketing Officer, Stuart Crawford owned a $5 million-dollar IT MSP in Calgary, Alberta Canada, and was a success because of his marketing abilities. Stuart knew he could do more, and wanted to delve into another business arena.  So he sold his business and started Ulistic to help other MSPs market their services since he’d had such success doing this for his own business.

Since then he’s been honored by Calgary’s Avenue Inc. with “The Top 40 Under 40 Award” in 2007 for being an outstanding business leader, and he was recognized as one of the “Top 20 Business Leaders of Tomorrow” by Business in Calgary magazine in 2008. Stuart has also won many Microsoft Partner Awards for his work in the IT community.

About Jim Thomas

Negotiating luminary and “America’s Negotiating Coach” Jim Thomas is a Washington, D.C. attorney, coach, consultant, speaker, trainer, media personality, and one of the most acclaimed and respected negotiators in the world.  Jim is the author of the Pulitzer-nominated HarperCollins international bestseller, Negotiate to Win, and the founder and CEO of Common Ground.

For more than three decades, top organizations have chosen Jim to negotiate their most important agreements.  Jim has negotiated everything from mergers and acquisitions and international business transactions to environmental, labor, and arms control agreements.

Jim is also an expert at making great negotiators. — In coaching and consulting assignments and Negotiate to Win Workshops from Kansas City to Kuala Lumpur, he has shown tens of thousands of students how to negotiate their way to business and personal success.

A frequent television guest and a popular speaker, Jim teaches at the University of Washington’s Pacific Coast Banking School, the Georgetown University Law Center, and Louisiana State University’s Graduate School of Banking.  He’s a graduate of UCLA and the Georgetown University Law Center, and lives with his wife Jacqueline in Washington, DC and Sunset Beach, NC, USA.

Jim’s Company Common Ground Seminars, Inc.

In less than two decades, Common Ground — a Washington, D.C.-based boutique provider of top-quality, highly customized negotiation coaching, consulting, training, and services — has become a global leader.  Each year Common Ground performs hundreds of successful engagements worldwide, and its flagship program, the Negotiate to Win® Workshop, is one of the foremost negotiation training programs in the world.

Based on Jim Thomas’s international bestseller Negotiate to Win, the Negotiate to Win® Workshop has become the negotiation program of choice because it works!  From the profusion of theories, traditions, strategies, and folklore, it features the priceless handful of negotiating techniques that succeed, again and again, in the real world, and packs them into an exciting, no-nonsense program.  The result:  effective, hard-hitting training that produces immediate, measurable improvement in attendees’ negotiating skills.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity!

Register for our March 13-14th Atlanta session


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