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World-Renowned MSP Coach Stuart Selbst Joins All-Star Line Up at the Los Angeles Managed Services Workshop!


MSP Marketing & SalesTrying to achieve stratospheric success as a managed services business? No one ever said the managed services industry was a walk in the park! In fact, it takes a ton of hard work, consistency, and patience to take your managed services business to the next level. But fortunately, there’s a special recipe to help you out. Interested in learning the recipe? If so, please register for the upcoming managed services workshop in Los Angeles, CA.

June 4, 2014 – Ulistic is pleased to announce our upcoming managed services workshop on June 19th. The workshop will feature world-renowned MSP coach, Stuart Selbst, as our special keynote speaker.

Stuart Selbst works with managed service providers that strive to achieve growth and success. And his proven techniques and no-nonsense approach have helped many managed services businesses win big in the market!

“We are truly honored to have Coach Stu joining us in Los Angeles. Ulistic has respected his ability to turn MSP businesses from struggling to successful. I believe having Coach Stu keynote the LA workshop will bring huge benefits to the managed IT service providers in attendance.” states MSP marketing consultant, Stuart Crawford.

Do You Think of Managed Services as a Product? Attend the Upcoming Workshop to Learn a Better Approach!

Stuart Selbst’s keynote will focus on “managed services are not a product, but a business model.” While many MSP’s consider their managed services as a product, there’s a better approach: managed services are a business model, a way of doing business, a way of being able to accomplish more for your clients while ensuring the profitability of your business.

In this session, Stuart will address the challenges associated with selling managed services as a product – then he’ll outline how and why they should embrace the manage services as a business model approach.

Ready to learn the recipe for success as a managed services business? Give us a call at 716.799.1999 or visit to register for the upcoming Los Angeles managed services workshop. If you’re unable to attend, feel free to register for a future workshop.

Please note: all Ulistic MSP workshops are free for managed service providers to attend.

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