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Lincoln Builders, a Busy Construction Company, Looks to Trust IT for Reliable & Responsive IT Support to Eliminate Technology Worries at Their Remote Office in Baton Rouge!

Construction IT ServicesLincoln Builders is a full-service general contracting, construction management, and design/build company located in Ruston, Louisiana with regional operations throughout Ruston, Bedford, Baton Rouge, and Texas, Louisiana. Lincoln Builders, founded in 1962, specializes in serving educational, healthcare, religious, institutional, commercial, and industrial industries. When Lincoln Builders was looking for an IT support company to support their Baton Rouge remote office and various construction sites, Trust IT was the perfect choice!

As a full service general contracting, construction management, and design/build company, Lincoln Builders heavily relies on their information technology to enable communication and collaboration between project participants on a regular basis.

The Situation: A Lack of High Quality, Reliable IT Support for Their Baton Rouge Remote Office & Construction Sites

Brent Causey, IT Director at Lincoln Builders, is located in a home office 4 hours away from their Baton Rouge remote office. As a result, Lincoln Builders needed an IT support company to resolve IT issues in a timely manner, however, they were having trouble finding high quality, reliable IT support.

He explained, “When I came on board, I took over two internal IT positions, so we decided to find an IT support company near Baton Rouge to be our hands and eyes. We looked around and talked to four or five IT support companies. But those IT support companies wanted big up-front contracts where I’d have to commit to a certain amount of hours per month!”

The Resolution: An IT Support Company That Goes Above & Beyond to Resolve IT Issues Quickly and Efficiently

Since working with Trust IT, Lincoln Builders no longer has to worry about IT issues at their Baton Rouge remote office and various construction sites. Brent expressed his appreciation, “I know if I call and say my servers down, I don’t have to wait. I know they’re going to show up, they have the skills to resolve it, and they’re going to resolve it quickly.”

He also offered some valuable insight, “there’s been times where our Internet went down at a job site, and we have to have Internet because everything’s done on tablets, smartphones, and laptops nowadays. When a job site doesn’t have Internet, we can’t operate! I’ve called them at 6 pm and within 30-40 minutes, they respond to tell me what’s happening, and often, they resolve it right then.”

“They’ve always gone above and beyond my expectations, from the beginning, I’d absolutely recommend them! They’re one of the best, if not the best IT support company I’ve worked with.” He continued.

Looking for a reliable & responsive IT support company in Baton Rouge, LA? Give us a call at (225) 250-1292 or send us an email at to learn more about our IT services & support, or to schedule 2 free hours of computer support!

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