How to Make Rounded Corners on Images

The use of images in emails, newsletters, and the web has changed significantly in recent years. Images are no longer supplementary or ''for show'' — they have become a central fixture for websites.

How to Make Rounded Corners on Images

The use of images in emails, newsletters, and the web has changed significantly in recent years. Images are no longer supplementary or ''for show'' — they have become a central fixture for websites. This trend has also spilled over to marketing emails and newsletters. We have discovered that newsletter recipients expect the same high-quality imagery that they can find on the web. Newsletter recipients strongly prefer images that can be seen on a larger scale and show every detail clearly.

Design is probably the most important part of creating an unbeatable product or service or delivering high-quality content. While your idea might be flawless, you must bring that idea to fruition impeccably, and your design can make or break that idea.

Designers are using rounded corners so much today that they're becoming more of an industry standard than just a design trend. What is it about rounded corners on images that make them so popular? Yes, they look appealing, but there's more to it than that.

What's the Big Deal about Rounded Corners?

Rounded corners on images are often viewed as easier on the eyes when compared to a rectangular image with sharp edges. Why? Rounded corners can be visually processed easier and quicker than rectangular images.

The part of our eyes that is responsible for sharp central vision(which we use for reading, watching videos, driving, and performing any activity where visual detail is necessary) is fastest at processing circles. To process images with edges, our brain needs to work a little harder. Our brain is conditioned to think all sharp objects are harmful. Since our brain attributes this condition to everything, we view anything with rounded corners as safe and welcoming.

Rounded corners allow our eyes to follow the lines as curves are better suited to the instinctive movement of our heads and eyes. Images that do not have rounded corners can easily throw our eyes off the path of the line, so when your eyes change directions, you will experience sudden pauses. On the other hand, the lines on images with rounded corners lead our eyes around the path with no sudden pauses. People will be naturally drawn to look at the area where your content is located, which is exactly what you want.

Rounded corners are not just pleasing to our brain and our eyes. Rounded corners help to facilitate the perception of graphics and the processing of information by our brain. Yes, rounded corners are attractive, but the different properties of rounded corners make them even more preferable for use in marketing. Now, when you want to use rounded edges in a design on your website, emails, newsletters, etc., you can argue that an image with rounded corners can offer so much more than its attractive look.

How to Make Rounded Corners in Tuxpi?

Tuxpi is an online photo editor that works directly in your web browser. Tuxpi's software enables users to edit images that will make them more lively and eye-catching with its collection of easy-to-use photo effects. Tuxpi is very simple to use and the tools you need can be used separately or you can combine the tools with each other.

Tuxpi provides over 60 photo editing tools as part of the platform. These tools can be used to completely transform images. There is a line of tools available that can be used to crop, rotate, and resize pictures in the simplest way. Users can also edit photos with different effects and add frames and borders. Another effect that is available on Tuxpi is the corner editor. One can easily make rounded corners in an image. With Tuxpi's corner editor, you can easily crop picture edges into rounded, curved, and other shapes.

Can I Use Rounded Corner Images to Supercharge My Marketing Campaign?

Even the best newsletter copy won't succeed without a strong visual design, and the right images can lead to better performance. Visual content allows you to supercharge your message and include information that you may have trouble communicating through text. Your newsletter subscribers don't always have time to read your entire newsletter.

Images are crucial for making messages easy to understand immediately. Many of your readers will respond far more quickly to eye-catching images and other visuals compared to text. Images can also lead to better retention, even when your readers only see them for a few seconds. However, we understand that not every business has a multitude of photo-worthy opportunities that will allow them to use their own images. You can use different images to connect with your audience.

As an example, screenshots and stock photos can be used. Using screenshots, simple graphics, and stock photos can increase click-through and engagement rates in your upcoming email campaign. Keep your images relatable, go behind the scenes of your business operations, capture real moments, and show images realistically to create a true impact. Overall, you want to create newsletters that are attention-grabbing. Your newsletters should have a clean, organized layout that makes it easy for your readers to take in all of your content. You want to increase readability and ultimately create an email campaign that your audience looks forward to.

The right images can help convey the right message, grab your readers' attention, and make them take the desired action. Email marketing is an effective way to reach out to your target audience and engage with them. Before you begin crafting your email marketing campaign, you should think about what content your target audience expects to receive and how you want them to perceive your emails. The overall design of your email, including text, colors, images, and the placement of your content all play a key role.

How do you want your content to stand out? How do you want to grab the reader's attention? That's where the right image, the right image effects, and relevant supporting content come into play. In fact, sometimes your chosen image can convey the message of your newsletter, and make your readers take action. Ready to do more business with effective marketing? Contact Ulistic today.


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