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The US Government Has Elected To Abolish HIPAA and Meaningful Use. This opens the doors for medical and healthcare organizations to use any technology they wish, abandon all security and confidentiality, and basically practice medicine without the fear of the HIPAA police cracking down.


Seriously, HIPAA is something you NEVER want to fool around with. Just in time for April Fools’ Day, Ulistic and HIPAAforMSPs.com founder David Sims invite you to join us for a very special webinar that will ensure you never fall flat on your face because of a HIPAA screwup.


We’ll be talking about best practices for HIPAA compliance and how membership in HIPAAForMSPs can help you understand what you need to know about HIPAA, Meaningful Use, and other healthcare compliance and regulatory policies in place.

If you work directly with healthcare or even remotely touch anything to do with medical data, this webinar is a MUST attend. You can’t afford to look the fool when your clients are demanding to know whether you’re complying with their needs!

Join Stuart and David on March 26 at 2 PM Eastern for this special webinar. This webinar will only be held once. Register now.

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