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Planning to transplant your business to a new location? CopperTree Solutions is putting down new roots in Waterloo, and we can apply the same IT solutions we used to streamline our own move to help you ensure a minimum of downtime and disruption for your business!

On July 31, the experts at CopperTree transplanted the business to 610 McMurray Rd., Unit 2, in Waterloo after years of growth in Drayton, ON. We were able to keep our relocation experience smooth and painless with the various technologies we had in place to minimize the downtime we experienced and improve our day-to-day operations. Now we’re ready to grow strong in the tech community of Waterloo!

Within a few hours of leaving our Drayton location, we were back up online and serving our clients again. Without a solid infrastructure base, we would never have been able to restore our operations so quickly. We utilized many of our own tried and true IT solutions to ensure a smooth transition to our new office, including:

  • VoIP Business Phone Systems: We use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones, which enable a smooth transition because the cloud-based systems are deployed much more quickly than tradition onsite phone equipment. We didn’t have to transfer our phone numbers or wait for a busy technician from a phone company; we just fired up our systems at the new location and were back online.
  • Cloud Services: Our variety of cloud-based solutions has kept our key IT systems in a virtualized environment that was never housed in our office at all. This way we were able to hook up our workstations at our new location and immediately access our email, data, and key applications once our Internet connection was restored, and there was no risk of damage or data loss.
  • Data Backup & Continuity Services: We’ve always kept our data and systems securely backed up offsite as part of our Business Continuity Plan, so we had no disruption to our email services or to our data storage as we moved to our new location.

Having transplanted CopperTree to Waterloo, we’re able to provide better support and care for our existing clients while putting down new roots in the tech community. If you want to ensure your business can weather any storm, you can count on CopperTree to help you plant a secure foundation like our own.

When you’re planning to put down new roots for your business, turn to CopperTree Solutions for a smooth transition of IT. Our team of experts provide IT Services and Support to help keep your technology up and running at all times, whether you’re relocating or simply want peace of mind knowing your technology is always reliable and accessible. To learn more, give us a call at (519) 804-2461 or send an email to

We’d like to remind our clients across Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph, and Cambridge that our new location doesn’t impact our ability to serve and support you – you’ll still get the same prompt and effective solutions from CopperTree that you always have.

We’re also having an open house on September 25th from 12pm to 6pm to celebrate joining the neighbourhood! We’d like to invite the local business park to have their coffee break at CopperTree. It will be an opportunity to meet local business owners like yourself and come together as a community we’re looking forward to growing with. We’ll be serving baked goods from The Healthy Owl and Tim Hortons Coffee. Please bring a business card with you to be entered into our draw for some fantastic prizes!

Come and meet our team at:

CopperTree Solutions, Inc.
610 McMurray Rd., Unit 2
Waterloo, ON N2V 2E7 Canada

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