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Charlotte IT CompanyTeresa Hinson, CFO and Operations Manager was kind enough to tell us her story:

“FJC, Inc. is a small manufacturing company in Mount Mourne, North Carolina. It began in one of the owner’s home and grew over the last 21 years. We now have a headquarters, production warehouse, and shipping warehouse.

We have been expanding our product line over the last three years. We started out selling automotive air-conditioning products. We’ve added equipment and tools, battery items, booster cables, and our latest expansion involves moving into the heavy-duty market.

When I joined the company more than 11 years ago, we were still on a DOS-based system working on a Linux platform. Due to problems with Windows instability and viruses, we each had two to three different computers. We were running so inefficiently that each of our employees needed to use more than one PC—One that was connected to the Linux system, and one, a Windows machine, connected to the Internet.

Anytime we needed information from a PC connected to the Internet, we would copy it onto a floppy disk and import it into our IT system connected to the Linux terminal, and vice versa. This made our work much more time-consuming than it needed to be.

Plus, we were using an old system and weren’t able to grow with it.

At that time we weren’t spending any real amount of money on Charlotte IT support. There was one IT guy in N.C. that worked for us, but he was talking about leaving, and I knew we were going to be in trouble.

I didn’t like the software we were forced to use, from an accountant’s perspective, and was I was pushing for major change. We had a really tough year with our server and software issues, and it was time to be a bit more demanding. We were trying to do more with less but at the same time making the work take much longer due to our inadequate software and hardware.

After some major convincing, I finally got the owners’ buy-in to make some major changes. We interviewed several IT companies in competition for our business. After many hours of review, we selected Network Essentials because of their passion for making their clients’ lives run smoothly—They wanted happy clients.

Network Essentials Turned Everything Around For Us!

Network Essentials came up with a plan that met our needs and increased our efficiencies. They migrated us to SAP Enterprise Software, implemented a hardware reset, and added a new server, workstations and firewall security.

Since then, we’ve been extremely happy with our network, and everyone at Network Essentials! Their professionalism and expertise are beyond compare. They keep us up and running efficiently and effectively. Their “All-You-Can-Eat Buffet-Style” approach to IT is unheard of in the industry. We love being able to have such a valuable resource to depend on—Not only for me, but for to my entire team. Every employee is empowered to contact Network Essentials without worrying about added costs, or getting permission (or going through me, and tying me up for hours!). It’s great!

The way they take care of us, and their service, is always above and beyond our expectations. If one of our owners has an issue, no matter how small, the team at Network Essentials jumps right on it! Our owners are taken care of, which in turn makes my life much better! Network Essentials has even allowed one of my owners, who had a problem on his laptop, to bring it in to be cleaned up and fixed so that he could immediately head out of town the next day. They didn’t have to do this, but they didn’t hesitate!

Network Essentials Ensures Our Security and Gives Us Peace of Mind.

Business continuity and disaster recovery is something that we’ve never had before Network Essentials. We were a little skeptical, but the team at Network Essentials basically said: “Let us prove it to you.”— And they did! They showed me how it would work if we had an issue and had to work remotely off the recovery system. This definitely gives all of us peace of mind.

Personally, as the CFO & Operations Manager of FJC, I am probably the one who this partnership with Network Essentials has helped the most. IT always fell in my lap, and I have just enough knowledge to “make me dangerous.” They have taken so much off my plate so that I can now focus on other critical projects.

Network Essentials Has Earned Our Trust Many Times Over.

Another area where I personally benefitted from working with Network Essentials is when we outgrew our first server setup in October 2010. The team at Network Essentials made everything so easy for me. I trusted them enough to tell them to “pull the trigger” and get us what we needed. They have earned my trust many times over. Their patience is impressive. They know how to handle every level of IT, from data entry, to all of my owners’ needs. They make my life easier—Which is why I am their biggest fan!

If you’re looking for a trusted IT Partner in the Charlotte, North Carolina, visit https://www.tneus.com. We’ll go “above and beyond” your expectations as well!

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