Why Yext Rocks To Managed IT Service Providers

Are you running Yext? Yext is the best local SEO service for managed IT service companies. Why? Simple, it works and it works well.

Yext for Managed IT Service Companies

Key Point From the Article:

  • Getting a high-ranking position on Google Local listing depends on your Google reviews and how your contact information is displayed on several third-party directory sites.
  • Your MSP is responsible for ensuring your business listings information is accurate and consistent.
  • Yext is a digital location tool that allows MSPs to control business' location-related information on several directory websites throughout the internet.
  • The tool allows the creation of new local listings, editing, and elimination of duplicate listings.

Local optimization is integral to any MSP's SEO campaign. A managed service provider needs to establish a local presence because many businesses prefer their IT partner near them for improved business security, availability, and efficiency.

One of the easiest ways for your MSP to build a local presence is by providing the proper name, address, and phone number (NAP) data to visitors via directories websites.

Directory websites are powerful platforms for placing your business information in front of prospects who are searching for your services. When you're dealing with a huge list of directories, it can be an overwhelming task to control all your business citations and ensure they're accurate and consistent.

To ensure your MSP's contact information is presented correctly throughout the internet, you can adopt Yext.

What Is Yext?

Yext is an industry-leading digital location management software. The tool allows your MSP to submit and edit business listings across the web easily.

The Yext network consists of directories, maps, and apps that simplify how you find and manage your business listings.

The software help businesses manage business location-related information on several directory websites throughout the internet. You should manage your MSP citation to ensure they're relevant and accurate.

Why Yext is The Best Tool for Local SEO For MSPs

Every search is a local search. Yext has the Yext Knowledge Engines that allow MSPs to manage their local listing. You can take control of your local search engine optimization and help people find the information they need about your business.

The beauty of Yext is its automation and consistency. The software allows your MSP  to create business listings and ensures that all your listings' NAP match across the web, which helps you build your business's online credibility.

What Are the Best Features of Yext

When you quickly visit Yext's official website, you can quickly execute a business scan to identify existing and missing business listings for free. Then you can examine your MSP's submission opportunities.

With a subscription, you have access to excellent features that help your local business SEO, which include:

1. Listings

Depending on your MSP's subscription, Yext will allow you to manage listings in different business locations under one platform. The feature list companies on critical catalogs. From the Location CMS, your MSP can execute functions such as:

  • Controlling its enhanced business listing on specific directory websites
  • Providing your MSP's listing to new publishers
  • Listing deployment to Google My Business
  • Posting on specific directories' social pages directly
  • Confirming and deleting duplicate listings inside the Yext platform

You'll be able to customize the content of business listings across multiple channels.

2. Duplicate Suppression

The Duplicate Suppression feature comes in handy in minimizing the number of incorrect or incomplete business listings across the web. The tool will send you notifications of duplicates that exist, giving you the power to eliminate information you don't want from floating around readily.

3. Social

Yext has a social tool that allows you to take SEO a step further. Similar to the Listing feature, Social allows your MSP marketing to build brand awareness in the social landscape quickly. You can share relevant local information such as:

  • Business hours
  • One day promotions

The social feature gives your MSP powers to become a topic that users come to engage with easily.

4. Analytics

Yext has the Analytic tool that gives you a better view of how a business's listings are performing. For instance, you can plot and review metrics such as the number of profile views and featured message clicks.

The tool will help you plan future business listings and social shares accordingly.

5. Partner Community

Partner Community is another powerful feature from Yext. The feature allows you to access various valuable resources, including training webinars, white papers, etc.

How to Use Yext to Tackle Local SEO for Your MSP Business

Yext is a must-have for any managed IT services company that wants to take local SEO and marketing seriously. The tool allows Managed IT services companies to control and manages a number of local citation from Google, Facebook, and others.

Getting a high-ranking position on Google Local listing depends on your Google reviews and how your contact information is displayed on several third-party directory sites.

Here are some of the best practices to get the best out of the tool.

  1. Watch all Yext's training videos and complete the course to become a certified partner. Completing all the causes will ensure you know how to use all Yext's features.
  2. Suppress duplicates when they exist that exist to ensure you present your business to the world in a clean and correct manner.
  3. Remember industry-specific directory site. While the Yext network is huge it might leave out some directories that your business may want to be part of. Your MSP should submit your business listing to industry-specific directories.

If your MSP has multiple locations, check out Yest to boost your local optimization.

Ulistic Will Shoulder the Heavy Local SEO Optimization Task For Your MSP and Improve Your Visibility Within Your Target Location

Many of your prospects are locally searching for your managed IT services online. You need to revamp your local SEO effort to connect your brand with high intent customers in your area.

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