You Wanted to Know: Who Does Ulistic Work With?

Check out the answer to this week’s Ulistic Question of the Week! Greg asks us: “Who Does Ulistic Work With?” and we get a chance to answer!

Question of the Week: Who Does Ulistic Work With?

Check out the answer to this week’s Ulistic Question of the Week! Greg asks us: “Who Does Ulistic Work With?” and we get a chance to answer!  

Who Does Ulistic Help With IT Marketing Services?

Hello from Ulistic! This week, we’re answering yet another question from our mailbag to help you get a better idea of how our marketing services company operates.

Our question this week comes from Greg in St. Louis. Greg asked:

Who does Ulistic work with?”

Thanks for your question Greg!

You may be surprised to find out that we get this question a lot. And the truth is we always enjoy answering inquiries like these because they allow us to get to the heart of our marketing enterprise’s foundational principles.

So … who do we work with?

At Ulistic, we take who we choose to work with as clients extremely seriously. You might even call us highly selective in our client choices.

Naturally, any business should have this policy. Even Forbes says so, stating:

"As an agency you should never compromise on clients. Only represent the client that you feel proud about presenting; otherwise, you won't be able to do as good a good job representing them."

It’s wise to take a decent amount of time and energy when choosing your clients. At the same time, however, we understand that not all businesses have the luxury of being choosy with clients. This comes with time, effort, and growth.

For example, if you own your own thriving MSP, you know that when you were just starting out, you might have had to take any clients that came your way — regardless of whether or not they matched your “ideal client” criteria.

That was certainly the case when Stuart Crawford started Ulistic back in January of 2010. At that time, Stuart was running the company from his business partner’s damp, cold, and truly awful basement in Calgary. He had children to provide for and a mortgage to pay. Any client was acceptable.

Over time, however, Ulistic grew. This allowed Stuart and the Ulistic team to start being more selective in who they chose as clients. Today, it’s true: Not everyone can work with us.

And if you want to work with us, you’ve got to meet a certain set of pre-determined standards. We’ve boiled these standards down to six characteristics, which we look for in each potential client we encounter:

1. You must be a marketing and sales company first and foremost.

Yes, this means that you’d be a technology company second.

Sound crazy? It’s really not! Marketing is the oxygen that feeds your business. Therefore, without that oxygen, your technology services don’t really matter much anyway. Put your marketing services first and make them your highest priority, and you’ll always win.

2. You shouldn’t be looking for immediate leads.

Marketing is a marathon; it’s not a sprint.

In other words, we want clients who are willing to go the distance in terms of investing time, money, and energy into their marketing strategies. It’s the only way to get quality leads that will actually turn into clients and a bigger bottom line.

3. You need to be cash flow heavy. Be ready to invest.

We understand that small MSPs who are just starting out might not have a lot of cash flow for marketing. That’s okay! Come back to us after you’ve grown. Having ample cash flow for marketing is absolutely essential.

4. You should be looking to partner with a marketing firm.

We are a marketing firm. We do marketing! If you’re just looking to team up with some other vendor, please look elsewhere.

5. You must be engaged in the process.

Marketing is a process, and we want you to be involved, invested, and engaged. You must be able to divide your time between working with us, executing your sales processes, and running your business.

6. Your cash flow and capabilities should meet your expectations.

If you’re an MSP who wants to “take over the world!” and you have a $250/month budget, we’re afraid you’re likely not going to match up with us as a client.

Think You’d Be a Good Candidate for Ulistic? Contact Us!

At Ulistic, we’re always looking for MSP candidates who meet our criteria for great clients. If you think we’d pair well together, give us a call at 855-964-2608, and speak with Stuart or Melissa.

Ulistic is one of the best-managed IT services companies in the nation. We look forward to speaking with you about your company and hopefully partnering together to expand, grow, and improve your business’s marketing!


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