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MSP Website Not Showing Up On Google Search?

You’ve got a sleek and impressive website that shows potential clients how your MSP firm can help with their technological problems. There’s just one problem: it doesn’t show up when people search on Google. What can cause that?

Crawling and Indexing Problems Make Your MSP Site Invisible

Websites that show up in Google’s search results have been indexed by the search engine. Google sends bots known as spiders or crawlers to websites to gather information about the pages on your website. The search engine adds this information to a database that it will periodically update. If Google cannot crawl your website, it doesn’t know what’s there. Crawlers can also become “confused” if you restructure your site.

However, it’s possible to accidentally block search engines from crawling your site. This can happen if you or your website developer blocked crawlers while working on your site before it was ready to go live. You can also instruct search engines not to list specific pages in their results. If you don’t change these settings when you make your site public, search engines have no way of gathering that information.

You Just Bought Your Domain

Your brand-new MSP website might not show up in the rankings because Google has yet to crawl and index it, a process that can take “anywhere from a day or two to a few weeks” according to Google. Creating a sitemap, which is like a directory of the pages on your site, can get you moving in the right direction whether your site is new or previously blocked crawlers. A sitemap is also helpful if only some of your pages show up in the search results. You can sign up for the Google Search Engine Console and claim your website. Google will alert you to crawling or indexing issues.

Furthermore, domain age can impact search engine rankings; established MSP websites are typically viewed as more trustworthy than a domain that was just registered, and will appear closer to the top of the search results. However, domain age is one of many factors that play a role in your MSP’s website position in

You’re Not Doing SEO Right Or As Well As Other MSP Websites

If Google can find and index your website, which isn’t brand new, you might have an issue with search engine optimization or SEO. SEO makes your website appear more valuable to Google and other search engines, so if you’ve haven’t bothered with it yet, your website may show up low in the search results. However, if you’ve tried your hand at SEO and used tactics that Google deems to be unsavory, the search engine may have penalized you and pushed you down in the rankings or even removed you. Google has a tool that shows you if your site has been penalized.

Remember that you’re competing against other MSPs who want to attract the same customers and may have optimized their websites for similar keywords. In the world of search engine optimization, the keyword market is competitive. This can happen in any industry, of course, but MSPs who may be less concerned about finding local clients may focus on generalized keywords. Optimizing for keywords that are more specific is often the better option because you’ll have less competition and show up higher in the search results.

Search engine optimization might sound overwhelming, especially if you want to focus on providing the best managed services to your clients. Fortunately, Ulistic offers assessments for websites as well as SEO and marketing services that many MSPs find invaluable. Contact Ulistic today for more information.

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