What Makes an IT Firm Great?

Rick Thomas, a Reno IT Support professional with ProTechnical shares insights into what it means to be great. Learn how Rick helps local Reno companies.

Reno IT Firm ProTechnical Knows What It Means To Be Great

Rick Thomas is the founder of the ProTechnical. He founded the company towards the end of 2008 when the country was facing a terrible economic downtime. His goal was to build an IT service company that goes the extra mile in its offering. He managed to actualize his vision and now has offices in California, Nevada, and Oregon.

In his recent interview, he highlighted some of the things that make an IT firm great. As businesses grow, they are likely to require the services of a managed service provider. Even though there are plenty of IT firms in the market, few of them can stand out. The best IT firms have a few things in common. Some of them include the following:

  • Accountability: Great IT firms are committed to delivering excellent results. They understand the needs of their clients and commit to delivering them. The commitment written down in Service Level Agreements is not enough. The best IT firms demonstrate their commitment by understanding their clients’ needs and going out of their way to deliver them. They strive to be a part of their client’s team. According to Rick Thomas, the best IT providers are accountable to their teams, their clients, and themselves. Understanding your purpose and the goal you are trying to achieve is critical to the success of your firm.
  • Understand the Commoditization of the Industry: The IT industry has been commoditized and the best MSPs must understand their value to clients. The phrases commodity skills and commodity services are now popularly used. Customer needs and expectations have changed and the best IT companies change with them.
  • Budget Predictability: Good IT firms should have predictable and transparent pricing agreements. Lack of transparency could lead to a loss of trust. It may keep away potential customers. The right provider should never force their clients to spend more than necessary. While it is important for IT companies to have flexible rates, they should know where to draw the line.
  • Reputation: Protecting the reputation of your business is the best thing you can do for it. It determines whether new clients will be confident enough to seek your services. If you have been in business for a long time, you are likely to have a reputation depending on the quality of your services. Developing a good reputation sets you apart from the competition and may be the best way to attract new clients.
  • Availability: One of the most critical features of IT firms is availability. Companies should be able to trust you to deliver 24/7 service. IT problems can come up at any time, so you should be able to take care of them before they result in more significant issues. Top IT firms are available every day.
  • Fast Response Time: You need to be available 24/7, but you also have to respond quickly to problems and promptly deliver service. When clients contact you, they should have no trouble finding the help they need.
  • Technical Expertise: The most important feature for IT firms is technical expertise. It is the first thing that customers will consider when trying to hire you. Great IT firms have a team of technical experts that can fix IT problems. They understand both old and new technologies. The technical staff should be certified and experienced.
  • IT Budget Planning: A good managed service provider should have the skills to create an annual IT budget plan for their clients. They should have the skills for future technology planning. If your firm has the expertise to offer yearly planning and budget advice, they can take your clients to eth next level.
  • Industry Expertise: Great IT firms have experience with different industries. Working in a few industries gives you the expertise you need to handle a variety of IT problems. Most companies will hire MSPs with expertise in their specific industries. Having a strong foundation in a few industries helps you stand out.
  • Employee Support: If you are trying to be a great IT firm, you must learn to work with your client’s employees. Collaborating with them makes it possible to get through with their daily tasks without any problems.
  • Proactive Maintenance: When clients hire you, they expect you to take away the stress of dealing with IT issues. The right providers are proactive. You don’t need to wait for reports of attacks to take action. Being pro-active is one of the most essential qualities of an IT firm. Regular security tests and monitoring are necessary. It would help if you put in measures to protect your client from future attacks.
  • Technology: The right IT company should take advantage of modern technologies. Modern e-discovery technologies include advanced analytics and Technology-Assisted Review (TAR). Having access to modern technologies puts you in an excellent position to respond to clients’ needs.
  • Security: Great IT firms do not compromise on security. They invest in multiple security levels to eliminate the risk of attacks. Lack of protection for an IT firm could have devastating effects on the clients.

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