What The Heck Is A VMS Provider?

Most of the content that MSPs around Canada and the United States publish — blog posts, white papers, videos, and podcasts — is not generating leads or helping them close sales.

What The Heck Is A VMS Provider?

Key Point From the Article:

  • Most of the content that MSPs publish doesn't generate leads or help them close more sales.
  • While the content is technically high-quality for the most part, it misses some parts that can help them generate more leads and improve sales.
  • If most MSPs can spin their content marketing approach, they can get better returns.

Most of the content that MSPs around Canada and the United States publish — blog posts, white papers, videos, and podcasts — is not generating leads or helping them close sales.

Initially, you might think it would. Your marketer told you to get busy online, publish lots of content, and say what you think because if your MSP does, your prospects will find you and do business with you.

However, it was a lie. Not in entirety, no, because publishing excellent content is vital. However, there are a few pieces missing, such as:

  • Prospects don't care about what you think
  • Being boring online is a sin punishable by death
  • You have to address businesses' pain points before they give you attention

The three are among the most important things your MSP need to know when creating content that'll work for them.

Publishing "What's a VMS Provider" Posts Don't Generate Leads

Your target audience is self-absorbed — busy and stressed — searching the web for possible solutions to their business problems.

Mostly, they don't want to learn anything when they're in solve-my-problem mode. Your customers need solutions to problems that give them sleepless nights.

When you publish content to teach them what's a VMS provider, they look at it for a few seconds, discover that it doesn't speak straight to their tech needs, and they start hunting for the "Back" button.

Businesses you're targeting only care about themselves. You might think it's unfair, but it's the truth.

The sooner you accept it, the quicker you can quickly find success. After all, behind the self-absorbed organization is a business that desperately needs your MSP services.

Your MSP can help them. However, you have to know how to grab their attention. Your best shot at getting businesses' attention is to:

1. Identify Your Customer's Pressing Point and Tell Them the Technology That'll Help

If there is one way, you could multiply your traffic, get more leads, and make more sales is to understand what your customers struggle with and create content that speaks straight to it.

Every business you're targeting struggles with something that technology can address. The only problem that most MSPs struggle with is knowing how to position themselves and communicate the unique values and benefits they can offer.

For instance, consider the "What's a VMS Provider" article. The first problem is that while everyone in the MSP industry is familiar with the term VMS, most of your prospects don't know it while they might want to utilize it.

While the article's content might have lots of value, prospects who don't know about VMS will skip the content. A simple tweak on the header can change everything.

For instance, since VMS software allows companies to manage their customer, you can spin the piece toward how it'll help your prospects. You can turn the "What's a VMS Provider" article to:

  • Manage All Your Vendors on One Platform with Automation and Real-Time Dashboards

Such a spin allows you to tap into the prospect's struggle while defining a VMS provider. With better positioning, you'll invite even a business that doesn't know what a VMS is to try it.

2. Use Customer and Case Study Information

When businesses plan to invest in a service, they first do two things:

  • They ask other businesses for recommendation
  • Execute online research to check what others are saying about the service

Businesses understand that executing little online research can spare them from bad experiences and poor investment. Your MSP can tap into that psychology and execute case studies to persuade businesses that your service can solve their problems. Including a qualitative and quantitative outcome will appeal to your prospects' logic and paint a picture of the success they are after.

Case studies and customer reviews are invaluable when establishing proof that your MSP's services are valuable and of great quality.

Your MSP is better off having a dedicated case studies page than the wrong articles. Then include a link to your home page to give your website visitors huge chances to stumble upon evidence of satisfied customers.

3. Share Real-life Scenario

Sharing real-life stories is a powerful content marketing strategy for your MSP. You can identify scenarios where well-known companies adopted your MSP's tech solution, improved their operations, and share it with your audience.

This approach is powerful because it helps your MSP develop a visceral bond with your audience. Sharing real-life stories unite your brand with prospects and drive deeper connections.

More importantly, sharing real-life scenarios is a better and more powerful method to educate your audience. The strategy allows your MSP to engage with the audience in the fragmented media world.

Since other MSPs use similar approaches, businesses will appreciate the different experiences and delivery you offer by sharing real-life scenarios.

4. Avoid Blogs Talking About Why You Need a VMS provider

When you go to many MSP's websites, you'll see content about why businesses need a VMS provider. Then, they start wondering why they don't get any leads or see SEO improvement. The company might start pointing fingers at their marketing company for not getting results.

While the marketing company is at fault to an extent, your MSP is at fault for pushing back on such content. What's more, your MSP is responsible for ensuring you hire the right marketer. You need a marketing partner that releases content that speaks straight to the needs of the audience you're after.

Ulistic Will Help You Create Content that Keeps Visitors Reading and Turns them Into Clients

Your MSP can't afford to throw thousands of dollars at marketing approaches that don't deliver results. You need a partner that invests hours and dollars in learning MSP marketing to ensure you get leads and make sales.

If your current marketing isn't working, Ulistic can help you create content that helps you build relationships with your prospects. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation on how to close more sales.


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