Integrate Video Ask With Sharpspring

Video Ask is a great solution for lead generation for MSPs. How do you integrate Video Ask with your Sharpspring CRM application.

How To Integrate Video Ask With Sharpspring

Video marketing is a robust and dynamic marketing tool, and if you're not leveraging it already, you're definitely missing out. Effective video marketing can significantly enhance your web traffic, social engagement, and conversion rates. Currently, online videos account for approximately 80% of consumer internet traffic. Furthermore, views on branded video content have grown by 99% on YouTube and 258% on Facebook from June 2017.

Overall, video content drives about a 157% rise in organic traffic from search engine results pages (SERPs). Having seen these compelling numbers, it's essential to understand how to fully leverage the power of video marketing. One great way to achieve that is to integrate VideoAsk with the Sharpspring automation platform to revolutionize your marketing strategy.

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What Is Video Ask Marketing?

Since the emergence of instant messaging, most forms of communication are now text-based. However, 20 years ago, you had to pick up the phone to reach out to someone. That direct link enabled you to read the mood of the recipient, whether they were in a rush, or if they weren't really sure about what they said. On the flip side, text-based communication conceals all these kinds of information. Embracing VideoAsk is an excellent way to bring more personal interactions back.

You get much more from a video response. On top of the information, you get personality, context, and feeling, something you can't reproduce in text. For instance, you can use Video Ask to get feedback from your contact form unsubscribers. You'll be surprised by how people pleasantly get surprised to see your face pop up, asking why they left. It makes them realize you actually care about their opinions, something you can't possibly capture with a traditional form.

Ways to Use VideoAsk

You can use VideoAsk in several ways, including:

1: Job Applications

There is no better way to learn a person's personality than through video communication. When hiring new employees, you can use VideoAsk to get a vibe from your applicants before you meet them. It also lets your potential employees get a vibe from your company and make a more informed decision through the hiring process.

2: Lead Generation and Contact Forms 

Website contact forms have been around for as long as the internet has existed. However, the traditional contact forms are not as effective as your business would expect. First, users have to locate them in some hidden corner of your website and punch in their details, hoping that someone will check their inbox in a month or two and give feedback.

Afterward, the communication will be followed by email exchange, often resulting in back-and-forth interactions to arrange a phone call before finally getting to meet the face behind the contact form. With VideoAsk, you are literally the contact form. People get to meet you as soon as they land on your website, allowing them to connect with your personality right from the start.

Connecting VideoAsk with Sharpspring

Getting started with a video marketing strategy may seem daunting for small business owners. But if you deploy the right technology and incorporate video marketing strategies into your marketing campaigns little by little, the whole process will be more bearable. Sharpspring is a powerful, affordable marketing tool that features lead capture, email automation, and a built-in CRM system.

By connecting VideoAsk with the Sharpspring marketing automation platform, you can deploy video marketing in your campaigns faster and get better and more consistent results. With that said, impressive results won't happen without engaging your audience. Always use well-designed videos that send clear messages and evoke emotions.

To connect SharpSpring and VideoAsk, simply take the following steps:

  • Step 1: Authenticate VideoAsk and SharpSpring (30 seconds).
  • Step 2: Pick one of the apps as a trigger to kick off your automation (15 seconds).
  • Step 3: Choose your desired action from the other app (15 seconds).
  • Step 4: Select the information you want to send from one app to the next (2 minutes).

Once you've integrated VideoAsk with Sharpspring, you can spend more time creating videos while the marketing automation platform does some of your work, such as lead generation and sales engagement.

Tying Everything Together with Sharpspring Marketing Automation

As you master your video content production and grow your follower/subscriber base, more people will begin to explore the rest of your website. Videos are typically easy for an audience to consume, so you can drop a thumbnail into an email and create a highly converting video landing page. According to statistics from Campaign Monitor, video marketing can increase your click-through rate by up to 50%.

Besides, Sharpspring marketing automation takes over some of your sales engagement and marketing processes, allowing you to generate more leads, turn those leads into sales, and optimize your return-on-investment (ROI). Additionally, the Sharpspring marketing automation platform enables you to use a tracking and metrics tool to analyze engagement statistics and capture information about the visitors who view them.

By gaining increased visibility into audience engagement metrics, your marketing team can learn what types of video content appeal to your target audience and what doesn't. This enables them to tweak the videos and better optimize them for conversion.

As your followers and subscribers continue clicking through your website and downloading more video content, they'll get closer and ready to make a purchase, or at least move a few steps through the buyer's journey. This is a sign that it's time to launch a product-specific nurture campaign. More importantly, always create a persona with your audience in mind and design compelling video content personalized to your viewers.

Wrapping Up

Video is undoubtedly one of the best ways to get up close and personal with your target audience. It's also a great means to get people to know what your brand is all about by showcasing an exciting event, offering some information about your products, or sharing your philosophy. The more people know about your brand, the more likely they'll stick with you. So, if you would like to talk to a professional video marketing and marketing automation expert, Ulistic is your trusted marketing partner.

Now is the time to trust a video marketing partner with a proven track record of success. With more than 133+ Google reviews, you can get firsthand information from small businesses around the world that have benefited from Ulistic's marketing solutions. Contact us today to schedule a demo!



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