Seriously, Stop Using Vendor Marketing Crap!

Stop Using Vendor Marketing Crap! Right now. Vendor marketing crapware is not your work. Take the time and do marketing that helps your business.

Stop Using Vendor Marketing Crap

"Is my marketing working?" That is a question that MSP business owners think about every day. Marketing is the lifeline of your business – you rely on your marketing every day to keep your MSP business filled with great clients.

MSP business owners reach out to a marketing agency because they need help. Generally, they have an idea of what they want to do: redesigning their website, improving SEO, becoming more active on social media, starting a blog, etc. One of the most important things a marketing agency has to do is talk to clients, understand their pain points, and craft a tailored plan: that's a marketing partner and not a vendor that delivers ineffective marketing content.

Unfortunately, every MSP business owner does not experience this. You might be sold on one thing and receive the total opposite. You may only receive a set service that gives you what you pay for, which could be the total opposite of what you expected. However, when you use marketing vendors who have an agenda that isn't in line with yours, how can you know if your marketing is actually driving the results you need?

Marketing vendors may lead you to believe your marketing is working because it's leading to phone calls and emails, and if those phone calls and emails don't turn into valuable clients, then it's because you're doing something wrong. When a marketing vendor makes you believe that it's your fault that the marketing services are not driving the results you want, they can get away with underperforming marketing campaigns and strategies.

Clients have always wanted friendly, efficient, and reliable service, but because of technology, the experience has significantly changed in the past few years. Clients expect 24/7 service that is integrated, multi-channeled, empowering, and gives them what they want when they need it. The bar is set higher every year. So why do so many MSP business owners put up with crappy and ineffective marketing services? I don't understand.

Check out EasyIT & Me for a great marketing example.

Where Does Vendor-Produced Marketing Go Wrong?

MSP business owners seek marketing help from us when their current marketing isn't working out. For many, the reason for a change in strategy is bad experiences with vendor-produced marketing.

  • Content Not Matching Needs: We've seen plenty of bad experiences with marketing vendors over the years. Usually, it's content that does not match the business's unique needs, like inappropriate GIFs and memes for a managed IT services business.
  • Not Offering Enough Services: Many MSPs have come to us looking for a central location for all their marketing services, as their services often require them to focus their attention solely on their clients and their growing needs.
  • Poor Communication: One of the biggest frustrations that MSPs have experienced from their experience with vendor-produced marketing is that they were not being heard. For MSPs that want to change their strategies, poor communication or no communication at all can be more than just frustrating, it can negatively impact your business.

Is Your Marketing Vendor Relying on Cookie-Cutter Marketing?

Taking the cookie-cutter approach can take a huge toll on your MSP's brand and this can impact your market share because no client likes to associate with a brand that appears to be impersonal or disinterested in sharing their details for the buying-selling process.

Cookie-cutter marketing is inadequate at best. Prospective clients will not be impressed with generic email blasts and social media posts. You will continue to send emails that will go straight into the trash folder. You might as well throw your marketing budget in the trash as well. Not only is this type of marketing a waste of money, but cookie-cutter marketing solutions can damage your business.

One of the most used methods is template websites. Many marketing vendors offer very affordable websites, but these templates are often filled with generic content that just adds your MSP business's contact details. If your marketing vendor doesn't take the time to get to know your business and doesn't tailor a marketing plan to your unique needs, how can they deliver? It's simple — they can't.

Are Your Marketing Strategies Failing to Deliver High-Quality Results?

Do you want your MSP business to look successful, or do you want it to be successful? That is a key difference between using vendor marketing crap and marketing strategies that actually deliver results. Your MSP business may look successful when the phone is ringing, contact forms are being submitted, and managed IT services are being delivered. On the surface, all the pieces are clicking and everything is flowing smoothly. However, are you getting anything out of it?

Are prospective clients attracted by your marketing initially, but nothing happens a little further down the line? Are you paying to lose money? You need to be successful with sustainable results. You need a marketing solution that attracts the right people with the right message to build lasting relationships that grow your MSP business. If you're using vendor-produced marketing services, effective marketing results are not being delivered. If you are using vendor-produced marketing services that are only focused on producing activities, your MSP business will only look successful. You need marketing services that are focused on results so your business will be successful.

When MSP business owners try to solve their marketing troubles with vendor-produced marketing content, they will quickly discover that these services offer no room for reevaluation, improved strategies, or finding something else that works better.

MSP marketing will only grow in importance over the next few years. There are opportunities to get your MSP content viewed and shared, but to accomplish that, you have to get rid of the vendor-produced marketing content you have been using. You must understand your target audience, provide them with something of value, and deliver it in the manner they prefer.

If you're tired of the marketing services that aren't growing with your business's unique needs – especially in today's ever-changing digital landscape– it's time to talk strategy with Ulistic. We know how to work with MSP businesses to find solutions that will address their unique needs. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Ulistic delivers personalized marketing tailored to your unique business, attracts the right quality clients to build long-lasting relationships, and delivers sustainable results to grow your MSP business. Contact us today to get started.


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