You Have Two Choices In Life

Learn the three rules about becoming an exceptional MSP business, including focusing on differentiation and revenue growth instead of reducing costs and prices.

You have two choices when it comes to your MSP marketing. You can be average ... or you can be exceptional.

What does it mean to be exceptional? Is it a focus on cost containment? On a clever slogan and logo? On hiring effective salespeople?


What Does It Take to Have Exceptional MSP Marketing?

MSP marketing is an integral component of your business strategy. It means understanding what your potential and existing customers need, the problems they want to solve and the challenges they face. It means having a website that's easy to navigate and delivers the content that customers and prospects crave. It means a strong work ethic focused on customer needs.

It also means following several rules that are foundational for any company seeking business success.

What Are the Three Rules to MSP Marketing and Business Success?

Authors Michael E. Raynor and Mumtaz Ahmed, in their book The Three Rules: How Exceptional Companies Think, present three very simple ideas for business owners. The rules apply to MSPs as much as they do for any other business.

  1. Better Before Cheaper. Compete on differentiators not the price of products and services
  2. Revenue Before Cost. Focus on increasing revenue rather than reducing costs
  3. There Are No Other Rules. Concentrate on rules 1 and 2

It's a simple formula that makes a lot of sense ... and directly ties in to the importance of MSP marketing.

The authors tried to pinpoint what it was that companies did that made them exceptional. "Maybe, we thought, the lesson was that companies could be successful only if they did the right deals, pursued the right innovations, or took the right risks in the right sorts of ways," they wrote in a Harvard Business Review article.

They were wrong. It isn't about what exceptional companies do. It's about how those businesses think. The most exceptional companies follow the three rules.

Take Rule 1. Companies are not going to attract customers just on offering lower prices. They need to demonstrate a difference in the service they offer, the convenience of their products or services, and the outcomes they provide for their customers. It doesn't mean you shouldn't be focused on pricing and cost reduction. It means that such a focus needs to take a backseat to the differentiation.

Differentiation is the wheelhouse for MSP companies. You want your MSP marketing to focus on the considerable benefits of investing in MSP services from managed IT to cybersecurity to business recovery. To be exceptional, your MSP marketing needs to persuasively show the distinct advantages of your company over others.

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