Top MSP SEO Strategies For 2020

Discover what your managed services provider business needs to do to create relevant, compelling and clickable content using keywords that improve SEO.

How to Improve SEO Strategy for Your MSP Business in 2020

Discover what your managed services provider business needs to do to create relevant, compelling and clickable content using keywords that improve SEO.

In the new year, your managed service provider (MSP) business needs an SEO strategy that brings in both visitors and new business. How can you best attract traffic and convert those visitors into paying customers? Take a look at some of the ways to optimize your MSP's search strategy in 2020.

How Do I Get My Website at the Top of Google Search?

As seen in our recent video, the question is not just how to get the top Google search spot. "THere's the number 1 spot and then there's the number 1 spot for what people are actually looking for," the video notes. "It starts with great keyword research."

One great tool for your search needs is Ubersuggest, a free service offered by Neil Patel, noted SEO expert. Simply type in a domain (your own or one belonging to a competitor) or a keyword to get started. You'll get suggestions, insights and recommendations that help you hone in on keywords that drive your MSP SEO strategies.

How Do I Use Keywords to Drive SEO?

Keywords are just the beginning. The next step is to use those keywords to build high-quality content. You want content -- blog posts, infographics, white papers and videos -- that answer questions that your potential customers are asking.

It makes sense. You want to position your MSP as a valuable source for information. You want potential customers to enter questions related to important keywords and see your content as a resource. Think about the problems that customers often come to you with:

  • How do I keep our data secure?
  • How do I improve business communication?
  • Is there technology to solve this business problem I have?
  • How can I lower our IT costs?
  • How can I leverage the cloud?

Provide great content that answers these questions and you'll find yourself with more inquiries, more meetings and more new business.

"In 2020, Google will continue to look at the overall reputation and E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) of a given company and the individuals who publish content on behalf of that company," notes a recent article on 2020 SEO trends.

You want a variety of content types and topics to round out an SEO strategy.

How Can I Optimize My Content Marketing?

Your blogs are compelling, creative and resonant, answering the questions that potential customers are asking. What next?

There are a few things you need to do to prepare your content to be seen, clicked on and read:

  • Make sure your content mix addresses different customer personas -- the types of customers you want to draw.
  • Repurpose content to meet different persona types. If you're going after manufacturing businesses and law firms, you'll need some different messaging that resonates with each business type. You can talk about cybersecurity, but instead of a generic blog on the topic, consider creating one for manufacturers and another for professional services firms, with variances that address industry-specific issues.
  • Break up your content with subheads, images and graphics.
  • Use third-party sources and statistics that add value and credibility. Include links to these sources where appropriate.
  • Include technical information such as meta titles, meta descriptions, and links to relevant internal content.
  • Have a compelling headline that stands out.
  • Include a great call to action that links to your "contact us" web page.

What Strategies Are Necessary for Strong MSP SEO?

You want to develop a compelling inbound link strategy, not just pay to have your content on generic content mills. Develop a strategy to offer inbound links from relevant content sources.

You also need to consider a media strategy, partner relations strategy and marketing strategy.

Using the right partner is critical. At Ulistic, we help MSPs with comprehensive marketing strategies. Speak with Ulistic today to learn more about our business development, marketing and sales services for managed IT service businesses.

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