ThingLogix: The New Way To Build In The Cloud

The Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly becoming a vital part of the infrastructure for businesses and organizations across all industries.

ThingLogix: The New Way To Build In The Cloud

The Internet of Things (IoT) is about intelligent connectivity. Intelligent connectivity is a concept that anticipates the combination of 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence as a means to speed up technological advancement and development, while also paving the way for new digital services.

The connection of endpoint hardware, mobile devices, cloud-based services, and enterprise systems pave the way for increased functionality should certainly be classified as "intelligent". This interconnected hardware and software operate on one accord to achieve resolute, correlated outcomes, with lasting implications for businesses and organizations. The connectivity that strengthens the Internet of Things (IoT) is not limited to what we can already see.

Connectivity has to go beyond the core infrastructure surface of the cloud, the layer where computers, networks, and other services are constantly operating to power everything else. IoT solutions depend on the cloud for their functionality at every surface, reinforcing the power of cloud computing and cloud applications. When businesses and organizations need a smart and connected solution, there needs to be a centralized IT approach. However, when there are multiple components involved, it can be difficult to create a starting point.

A Cloud Platform: ThingLogix

Rob Rastovich has been involved in technology for three decades. Rastovich created a Top 10 e-commerce website at a time when e-commerce was still fairly new, and he went on to establish what we know as Amazon's AWS IoT. As Co-Founder and CTO of ThingLogix, Rastovich is the driving force behind the powerful IoT platform that eliminates the need for code. Rastovich is not only comfortable developing transformative cloud applications, but he is also comfortable living on a cattle ranch in Bend, Oregon.

Over the years, ThingLogix has helped develop a foundation that is powerful enough to support IoT implementation. Rastovich and his team have included asset management, predictive analytics, predictive maintenance, and more in the platform. ThingLogix provides the majority of what every project needs, and allows businesses and organizations to customize the remaining to meet specific needs. Rastovich shared plenty of insights during our conversation on how to define use cases for IoT and implementing IoT projects.

Helping Businesses Leverage the Power of the Internet of Things

Foundry, ThingLogix's proprietary cloud platform, is an IoT solution platform that has been optimized for ease of use, scalability, flexibility, and secure operations over time. With its architecture and integration with AWS infrastructure and services, Foundry is a cloud-based solution. Businesses and organizations using Foundry can enjoy all the benefits of the AWS cloud, while also having access to a powerful platform that has been designed to create and manage IoT solutions.

Speed is of great difference when it comes to businesses and organizations offering IoT solutions. Most take it slow and will spend months or years to create something solid. After a while, many businesses and organizations will turn to custom-connected solutions, but things do not always lead to success when this route is taken. However, ThingLogix's platform can help users and technical teams become innovative and creative and build connected products and applications. ThingLogix shares a special partnership with AWS, which is the basis on which the Foundry platform was built.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly becoming a vital part of the infrastructure for businesses and organizations across all industries. The Internet of Things (IoT) has rapidly evolved and is being installed at a rapid pace. At the rate technology has been evolving and advancing, now is a great time for businesses and organizations to start leveraging IoT. More businesses and organizations are trying to seize the opportunity to gain the Internet of Things (IoT) edge.

Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Made Easy with Foundry

With the Foundry platform, product management teams can communicate and collaborate more efficiently and effectively, specialize in creative and innovative activities that will result in real value, and increase the IoT innovation pace. When we spend more time on innovation, we will have greater solutions and greater business results. With the Foundry platform, your business or organization can expect the following:

  • The ability to create and manage connected solutions
  • The ability to access and utilize functionality for any IoT solution
  • The ability to incorporated IoT functionality for various use cases

Foundry makes it easy to create, access, incorporate and optimize every Internet of Things solution. Foundry, ThingLogix's IoT cloud platform can quickly simplify and optimize the development and operation of IoT solutions.  Foundry Packages' technology enables powerful and sophisticated functionality, while simplifying solution evolution over time without resulting in significant cost changes.

There is no one-size-fits-all IoT solution, even for businesses and organizations that are a part of the same industry. Aside from the variety of factors that separate one organization from the other, businesses and organizations want to set themselves apart so they can compete more effectively. Also, there is no one plan that can be used to execute a technology approach.

It is also important to formulate a strategy that will allow you to make the best decisions when situations change. With an IoT business strategy, businesses and organizations will have the tools and resources they need to develop greater insight into the market opportunities, also allowing IoT solutions to evolve over time as technology changes.

ThingLogix helps today's businesses and organizations harness the power of the Internet of Things with advanced solutions and services that accelerate growth and create business capabilities that can be sustained. ThingLogix also offers advisory and consulting services that complement Foundry, and this helps businesses and organizations accelerate the discovery of their business or organization's value.

With ThingLogix, your business and organization can discover scalable and secure solutions that will position your organization to better achieve your goals and fulfill your specific needs. You know what technology you need. You know what functionality you need. You know what goals you want to set. Do you know what can deliver it? You can achieve the desired results for your business or organization by implementing ThingLogix. Are you ready to harness the power of the Internet of Things?

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