The Journey To Building A Successful Channel Marketing Program

A channel marketing program consists of a sequence of choices and systems that a vendor or manufacturer creates.

Successful Channel Marketing Program

A channel marketing program consists of a sequence of choices and systems that a vendor or manufacturer creates. The purpose of these calculated moves is to appeal to the ultimate end-user or MSPs. It may sound facile, but having knowledge of these techniques and strategies will make a major difference to your operations.

Build A Strong Channel Marketing Program For Your MSP Target Audience

The MSP industry is one that is expansive and competitive, and MSP vendors are mindful of this framework and are taking steps to gain leverage over the competition. However, gaining leverage over the competition requires a diverse set of techniques. One of the things that can give vendors an edge in the MSP ecosystem is an effective channel marketing program.

What is channel marketing and why do you need it? How do you use it to your advantage? Channel marketing is the process of partnering with a third party to take products and/or services on the market. Channel marketing is also about expanding the salesforce while not changing the customer-based mindset. Having an effective and efficient channel marketing program is crucial for long-term success.

Growing organizations can take advantage of channel marketing to swiftly increase exposure to the market. However, channel marketing is not easy. A channel marketing program requires internal and external planning, strategizing, and collaborating across the entire landscape.

How Can Vendors Drive New Business In The MSP Ecosystem?

Channel marketing programs are about finding the most efficient and effective ways to put products and solutions on the market. It is also about vendors knowing and using the right techniques that will attract the attention of potential MSP partners. As a vendor, direct channels and digital channels can be used, depending on the type of marketing campaign you are aiming for, and your end goals.

Vendors that are looking to appeal to the MSP industry will likely use a combination of direct and indirect techniques to appeal to potential partners. Using a combination of channels and techniques in the MSP ecosystem can help vendors reach the potential MSP partner that could possibly have a positive impact on sales. What is the simplest approach? Typically, the simplest approach will be direct sales because it enables vendors to directly sell to potential MSP partners because indirect sales will need the skills and services of a middleman for sales purposes.

Reaching The MSP Audience Through The Right Marketing Channel

What type of strategy should you implement to maximize a channel marketing program for MSP products and solutions? Will these techniques help you find the right managed service provider (MSP) and convince them to team up with you? Selecting the marketing channel that costs the most or shines the brightest is not necessarily the best way to go. Sometimes spending fewer resources can still give you the high-quality results you need to reach your short-term and long-term goals.

Carrying out a successful and strategic channel marketing program lies in finding and focusing on the right one. The growth of your business in the ever-growing and ever-changing MSP ecosystem is crucial. It is important that vendors gain an understanding of how and where to direct their attention during each effort to make use of a channel marketing program that will have the greatest impact.

Choosing A Channel Marketing Program That Will Allow MSP Vendors To Reach Partnership Goals

To successfully choose the perfect channel marketing program is one of the key steps to ensure partnership goals are met. This move can create a resounding MSP partner experience, building a solid brand reputation. Here are some examples of marketing channels that can be used to fulfill partnership goals:

  • Social media
  • Mail and email marketing
  • Retail and/or e-commerce
  • Marketing partners

What Factors Will Have An Impact On Vendor Selection?

So, how can you build a successful channel marketing program that will have the greatest impact on your business in the MSP community? Your strategy will need to include a variety of factors, including the current state of the environment you are in. It is important for vendors to know the habits and preferred techniques of their potential MSP partners and how vendors can appeal to them.

Vendors that want to appeal to the MSP community have to build a successful channel marketing program that will make potential MSP partners take notice of your efforts and your call to action. There are some channels that will not be as effective and relevant to some MSPs. Choose a channel marketing program that leads to noticeable results to help you achieve your goals.

Communicate with Leaders in the MSP Community

Marketing your solutions to potential  MSP partners can be a frightening task, but if you want sustainable results, it is a task you must take on. Thankfully, there are various marketing channels that can be used to build a solid marketing strategy. One of the channels that vendors should leverage is a community of MSP leaders and experts who are looking for long-term and impacting partnerships. This is one of the most effective marketing channel strategies for vendors that are trying to gain a competitive edge. By joining one or more MSP communities, you will give your organization a better chance of finding the right MSP partner. You will also gain insights from other vendors and MSPs that are all on a mission to improve the MSP ecosystem.

Know Your Competition 

Gaining as much knowledge about the MSP industry and what typically happens in the industry should be a part of your strategy to building a successful channel marketing program. When you research your competitors, you will gain insight into what tactics and techniques other vendors are using. Use this information to strengthen your success while learning from the past failures of other vendors.

Know Your MSP Audience

While it is important to learn the moves of your competition, this is only a part of a successful channel marketing program. You should know your target audience. Vendors need to know about potential MSP partners because this will pave the way for a more effective and efficient marketing strategy. When vendors have insight into their target audience, vendors will know what marketing channels should be used to reach out to potential MSP partners.

With knowledge of the competition and the target audience, choose a channel that will allow you to reach the short-term and long-term needs of possible MSP partners. Building a successful channel marketing program is the key to opening the door that can lead to a long-lasting partnership between vendors and MSPs. Do you understand the MSP ecosystem and the needs of your target MSP audience?   Engage with Ulistic today and find out how we can enhance your MSP marketing campaign.


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