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MSP Telemarketing: Is It Really Worth It?

Here’s my story: A marketing company that provides similar services to Ulistic’s called and tried to solicit business from me.  Did they not know they were talking to a competitor? —No, they didn’t.  Why?  Because they didn’t do their research before calling.


They wouldn’t divulge who they were until I pulled it out of them.  I then told them that they were telemarketing to a competitor.  They were pretty embarrassed.

The moral of the story: Do your research before you call a “prospect. Check them out on Google, LinkedIn, and other sites. Good, reliable data is the platform for any successful telemarketing campaign.

When you do reach them, try to strike up a conversation.  Find out more about their business and IT needs.

Afterwards, don’t send them a follow-up email—Instead, hand write a personal thank you note and send it in the mail.  The next week, follow up with a phone call.   I guarantee that you’re telemarketing business will thrive.

In the meantime, here are some telemarketing dos and don’ts for you to consider.

Telemarketing Do’s

  • Make sure you’re calling the right decision-maker.
  • Call before or after normal hours, or at lunchtime, to reach decision makers when gatekeepers are gone.
  • Sound authoritative and you’ll have a better chance of getting through the gatekeepers. Keep what you say short and simple.
  • Be clear about what you want. (an appointment, to provide a demo, an invitation to a Webinar, etc.)
  • Ask open-ended questions to encourage your prospect to talk about their company. Use close-ended questions to qualify them.
  • Portray confidence in your purpose, and be passionate about your product or service.
  • Always tell the truth, be positive, courteous and patient.
  • Try to build a rapport and always listen carefully. Be ready to talk off-script.
  • Use natural engaging language and simple English.
  • Smile when you talk — It will reflect in your tone.
  • Take good notes.
  • Use frames of reference — Past successes, client references, and industry examples.
  • Summarize the conversation with the prospect to ensure that you understand their ‘pains’ before you recommend your product or service.
  • If you must leave a voicemail, make sure it’s compelling with a good call to action

Telemarketing Dont’s


  • Apologize for calling.
  • Say ‘How are you today?’ — It’s a tell-tale sign of a sales call.
  • Be afraid to address the prospect’s objections to appropriate questions.
  • Interrupt the prospect when they’re talking.
  • Lie or pitch something you don’t really understand.
  • Forget to ask if the product/service is relevant to any other individuals/departments.
  • Make assumptions or prejudge any call. You never know what their issues are.
  • Speak too quickly.
  • Over complicate calls—Keep things simple.
  • Overuse the prospect’s name. It will sound like a tacky sales call.
  • Promise anything you can’t deliver.
  • Interrupt – it shows you aren’t listening.
  • Sound uninterested. If you do, your prospect will be.
  • Say um and er.
  • Type, eat or smoke while you are listening or talking — They can hear what you’re doing.
  • Use industry jargon you don’t understand.
  • Use unnecessary humor—get to the point.
  • Underestimate the power of ‘mirroring’ language to build rapport. It also shows that you’re listening.
  • Forget to follow-up when you said you would.
  • Worry about failure. Move on.
  • Wait for on hold forever — Hang up and try another time.
  • Stalk your prospect. The gatekeeper will remember this and possibly block you.

With the right telemarketing techniques and preparation, you can boost your MSP’s earning potential. Knowing how to make contact, conduct a sales conversation and wrap up a sale are integral parts of telemarketing. Using the right strategies makes all the difference.

For information about Ulistic’s telemarketing services contact Stuart Crawford at (716) 263-6961 or info@ulistic.com

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