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Why Telemarketing and LinkedIn Prospecting Are Important for MSPs

Should your MSP be telemarketing or LinkedIn prospecting when it comes to lead generation? What’s more important? Find out in our question of the week’s answer.  

Another week is here, and you know what that means — it’s time for another Question of the Week!

This week, we’ve received a question from Don who operates a great managed service provider business in Boise, Idaho.

Don asked:

“Should my MSP invest in telemarketing or LinkedIn Prospecting?”

Excellent question, Don! We get this one a lot, so we’re happy to answer it here in full for any other MSPs who’ve wondered the same thing.

Telemarketing or LinkedIn Prospecting for MSPs: What Works?

The short answer to Don’s question is: Yes, to both. In other words, both telemarketing and LinkedIn prospecting are critically useful techniques for managed service providers.

There is one issue with LinkedIn that must be noted, however: It’s riddled with spam. According to The Wall Street Journal“In recent years, LinkedIn has become a target of frustration in the social-media stratosphere: It’s not fun or user-friendly, it’s a bit ugly, and the site has become bogged down with spam connection requests.”

Harnessing Lead Generation Activities

Even though LinkedIn has a spam problem, both telemarketing and LinkedIn prospecting are useful lead generation activities, especially when used together.

For example, many of Ulistic’s best clients will first connect with a lead over the phone or through an email marketing campaign. Then, after a great conversation, they’ll reconnect on LinkedIn. What you should never do with any strong connection you’ve made is blast them with spam on LinkedIn. Instead, harness the power of multiple types of lead generation activities, and use them together.

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We hope this week’s Question of the Week was helpful to you. Don’t forget to submit your own MSP marketing questions, and hopefully, we’ll feature yours in an upcoming Question of the Week post.

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