Tangicloud is the Business Central Partner MSPs Have Been Looking For

The non-profit sector is worth billions of dollars in the U.S. alone. See how Tangicloud strengthens your value proposition with Business Central customers.

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and its precursors have been the choice of small to mid-size organizations in search of a stable and reliable accounting platform for over a decade. While Microsoft has morphed their offering several times to incorporate global competitors into their code base, today's Business Central provides a holistic business management solution that connects people and processes like never before. However, the platform does require a significant amount of customization by service providers for each unique business use case -- at a cost that can be too high for many non-profits, non-governmental organizations and government entities.

A platform that is now called Tangicloud, introduced in 1999, is the brainchild of passionate independent software creators who shared a passion for serving the non-profit community. This platform provides advanced accounting functionality that is tailored specifically for the complex needs of non-profits, NGOs and government entities. Tangicloud -- whose name comes from a mashup of the words "tangible" and "cloud" -- began from a place of wanting to help people understand cloud-based software that is built in a way that feels more approachable.

What is Tangicloud?

The principals of Tangicloud consider themselves software publishers as opposed to service providers -- individuals who focus on creating a great product as opposed to implementing it with individual organizations. The base of Tangicloud is Microsoft's accounting software product, which is the market leader globally. Tangicloud was built from the ground up so partners can take the base software platform and enhance or expand it to meet the needs of different geographies or industries. This results in an end product that doesn't look like a for-profit tool; instead, it is rebuilt to feel like it was made specifically to meet the needs of non-profit organizations.

Who Are the Ideal Customers for Tangicloud?

Non-profit and many government organizations often work on an annual budget, making it extremely important to maintain an even cost structure over time. This fact, combined with the often limited technology staff at these organizations, makes them the ideal customers for managed service providers. Tangicloud is generally targeted at non-profits, non-governmental organizations and government entities with annual operating budgets that exceed $3 million. These organizations often have a distributed user base and complex accounting needs. Surprisingly, the non-profit industry is massive even within the United States, comprising nearly a third of the nation's workforce and accounting for between 1.5 - 1.7 million unique organizations.

Tangicloud was developed on a global platform, and the installed base reaches as far as Africa, Eastern Europe and Sudan. Non-profit entities are not the only organizations who would benefit from the unique accounting platform, as NGOs such as airport or transit authorities can also benefit from the functionality Tangicloud provides for managing financing operations and reporting.

Challenges Solved by Tangicloud

Even though non-profits may not always have a large staff, they do have complex accounting needs and are continually looking for ways to do more with fewer funds. This means that each platform introduced to the organization must be as efficient, effective and interconnected as possible. There are many distinct needs in the healthcare and social services sectors, including government compliance and reporting as well as data protection that must be in place. Non-profits receive their funding from external sources and are in a position of continually needing to justify their spending -- making it crucial for teams to have easy access to accounting data that can be shared with various constituents.

Technology teams are often slim in NGOs, non-profits and government entities, which is one of the reasons Tangicloud provides an excellent solution for their needs. A powerful and productive accounting system allows these organizations to work seamlessly with distributed staff, smooth process challenges in financial operations and provide a centralized system for expense and time reporting as well as requisitions. Limiting administrative costs is a core focus for many of these entities, as they are required to tightly justify any charges that are not directly related to their mission. It is often difficult for these organizations to afford a heavy upfront cost for software, making a cloud-based license the ideal way to maintain top-level functionality by spreading the costs over time.

How Tangicloud Partners With IT Managed Services Providers

Tangicloud's usage of the Microsoft base platform enables managed services providers to exercise their expertise and dedication to specific industries through unique solutions for users in those communities. One of the key benefits to MSPs is the ability to leverage the Microsoft base applications to do the heavy lifting of application code, while service providers can tailor the platform to individual entities. Microsoft's relatively recent paradigm shift includes a dedication to mobile-first and cloud-first computing by investing in development for the Business Central platform. This work has created a true cloud-based, multi-tenant solution that allows organizations to forget about the IT burden that you would traditionally have with on-premise software solutions. This opens the door for managed service providers by limiting the IT cost of software -- creating a solution that organizations can leverage for decades to come.

Tangisoft is looking to the MSP community to help spread the word about their platform so the Tangisoft team can focus on product improvement as a premier software publisher. Tangisoft is looking to the partner community to help introduce the platform to more organizations by leveraging the local expertise, contacts and ability to serve in smaller verticals or micromarkets. Managed service providers with an affinity for the non-profit community and government entities who truly understand the concepts associated with fund accounting -- and who are interested in supporting people who are helping make the world a better place.

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