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Tim Richter from RCOR Technologies is the “walking poster child” for Ulistic. He’s been working with RCOR’s customers for 20 years. Tim tried doing the marketing himself, but since he found Ulistic, he’s been able to capture the business that was getting away.

Ulistic helped Tim stay focused. With our help, he’s developed and implemented effective marketing materials such as digital and print newsletters, Webinars, sales letters with offers, and more. All RCOR’s materials are now focused and tailored to get the results they want.

And results they got! With help from Ulistic, Tim signed over $600K in new contracts for RCOR within the first 7 weeks of 2017!  

Ulistic Can Help You, Too.

How? One way is by getting you more leads. Most MSPs wait for leads to come to them. They post a blog and assume they’ve done their job. But, this isn’t enough. To get new business you must chase down those leads.

Here’s just one of the things we suggest. Take advantage of social media tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator.  However, you must maximize your investment, time and energy by using it properly—The team at Ulistic knows how to do this.

Services like LinkedIn and Facebook Live provide platforms to connect with your target market. Through social media you can build good, solid relationships with your prospects, clients and the market in general.

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can narrow your search for leads in your area, in a specific industry, of a particular size, and more. Once you qualify these leads through LinkedIn, you can save them and add them to your infusionsoft (the best) automated marketing platform.

Then, put your money where the leads are. Canvas – Knock on some doors. Talk to people. (Tim’s Tip: Use marketing folks for your canvasing, not your IT guys.  Out of 50 people visited, Tim gets 3 to 5 solid prospects.)

When canvassing, ask:

  • How big is your company?
  • Do you insource or outsource your IT services?

If they insource, you can get the name of their IT coordinator—If they outsource, ask them what IT company they use.

The key word is “engage”—Engage your leads. Keep up with them. Help them to keep up with you—This is what builds relationships.

Ulistic has all the tools you need: LinkedIn scripts, canvassing and marketing materials, e-books, cheat sheets, and more. (Our “Marketing in a Box” costs only $297 a month!)

Tim now describes RCOR Technologies as a marketing and sales organization that happens to sell IT Services. With Ulistic’s help, Tim stays focused on marketing and sales, and captures more business. As a result, RCOR is expanding their services to a new area!

You have to do the hard work, but we’ll keep you focused. Let Ulistic help you with social media, automated marketing, canvassing and more, so you can catch those leads you chase! Take the first step and contact Ulistic: (716) 263-6961 info@ulistic.com

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