StoryBrand Framework — The Secret Marketing Strategy That Will Transform Your Marketing Efforts

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StoryBrand Marketing For Managed IT Service Providers

As businesses compete for scarce resources, managed IT services companies that are not innovative are losing out to creative brands. Advances in understanding customer behavior are critical for success in the new market. Resourceful companies are turning to proven findings to tailor their content for success.

One way leading firms are staying ahead of their rivals is by incorporating the StoryBrand framework in their marketing efforts. StoryBrand framework is a creative way to tailor your content for your clients. Select marketing services providers (MSPs) are using them to help their managed IT services clients meet their objectives.

StoryBrand framework and BrandScript helps businesses convey their messages. This clarity enables customers to identify with their proposition and get IT services from them. The company will often satisfy the needs of its clients. This satisfaction leads to repeat purchases and makes the buyers a positive referral source for the business. StoryBrand certified MSP agencies enable managed IT service companies to leverage this strategy to succeed.

What Is the StoryBrand Framework?

StoryBrand framework entails framing your content in a manner that is clear and connects with your customer. Buyers today have many options. Successful brands use the StoryBrand framework to stand out and to ensure they are not just another source of the noise.

For example, let us assume we have an identity theft company that uses the StoryBrand framework in its marketing. A look at their site shows the following messages.

  • Identity theft is an imminent danger to you. Your brain registers this statement quickly. Their messages cut through the noise and get you to pay attention.
  • Give a clear, brief description of how they can help you. Once you see a problem, you will want to avoid a tragic ending. The captivating plan of how the firm can guide you to avoid being a victim of identity theft pushes you close to contacting them.
  • An authoritative call to action. Their call is direct, and it tells you of the positive outcome you will have if you seek their services.

The company follows the StoryBrand framework by identifying a problem for a client and telling them of a coherent plan to fix it. The firm also warns of inaction and guides the customer in addressing the situation. Through the partnership with the MSP, the consumer attains a transformation and avoids a tragic ending.

By following the StoryBrand framework, the company exceeds the client's expectations. This satisfaction makes the customer happy. One marketing area that the framework transforms is shifting the goals of firms. It allows them to focus on helping the client meet their targets. The business succeeds by helping the client have a transformation and avoid a tragic ending.

What Is a StoryBrand BrandSript?

Like every movie or novel, marketing has a story. While narratives in these works steer actors or readers, marketing stories guide customers. A StoryBrand BrandScript is a comprehensive, written-out form of the StoryBrand framework for a business. It has many components.

1. Character

Your customer is the character of your marketing story. They are the ones that have difficulty and need guidance to avoid a tragic ending. You are only a guide that helps them attain the conclusion they desire.

2. Problem

The problem is the difficulty that you are guiding the client to address. The hardship can be in three parts.

  • External: physical difficulty
  • Internal: the story of the feelings of disappointments that the problem causes
  • Philosophical: a story that contextualizes the challenge and is bigger than the client

3. Meets the Guide

According to Bryan Eisenberg, marketing involves understanding the needs of the customers and helping the client satisfy them. The business enters the story and offers to guide the customer towards having a happy ending. The guide bids to help the customer by being empathetic to their difficulty or by being authoritative about the company's ability to help the client.

4. Who Provides a Plan to the Hero

The guide, or business, provides the customer with a clear vision for how they will help them solve their difficulty. The plan can be in the form of an outlined process or a promise to the client.

5. Calls the Customer to Action

Customers are often unsure of whether to engage your brand. You need to tell them the next step to take. This proposition can be direct or transitional. Transitional calls to action may be free trials, testimonials, samples, or lead magnets.

6. Which Leads to Success

The company guides the customer to find a solution to their difficulty. The success makes the character satisfied with the help.

7. And Helps Avoid Failure

The customer would have been unhappy if they did not find a solution to their problem. Your successful partnership ensures they avoid this outcome.

8. To Get a Character Transformation

A successful collaboration between the guide and the character ensures the character is on a different level after the experience. It transforms the customer's life for the better.

How StoryBrand Applies in Marketing

Having remarkable products and teams is terrific. If you want to market your managed IT services company, you will need your digital marketing message to be precise. Describe the client's problem, potential danger, and how you plan to guide towards success. Clarify your services and the likely outcome if they partner with you.

Eliminate Confusion

Many people lead busy lives. They need to save any time they can for various tasks. Customers will abandon your business if you do not communicate your message quickly. Remember that your competitors are also after these prospects. If you do not come out clear to customers about your brand, they are likely to choose your competitors.

Your message can be clear if you understand your target clients. Tailor the text to make sense to them. Avoid too many stories. Statistics show that about 73% of prospects skim through content, while only 27% of them go through it thoroughly. Tell them how you can guide them to accomplish their targets using few words. Have a clear call to action and ensure they understand what they will get if they choose your services.

Connect with Clients

Customers are an integral part of any success you are to have as a business. Prioritize them and make them feel valued. This treatment makes them enjoy your services, and they are likely to come back for future needs or be a positive referral source.

StoryBrand allows you to value your clients. Through this secret marketing strategy, you let customers know that you empathize with what they are experiencing. You also offer to guide them towards prosperity, which avoids a tragic ending. Offering to be a key partner in this journey endears you to them.

Grow Your Business

Customers partner with businesses they trust. They often seem to avoid risks associated with dealing with a crooked brand. A reliable brand saves them time, money, and offers no stress. Nobody wants to experience these difficulties.

You can ensure customers trust your brand by delivering on your promises. Past clients can be beneficial referral sources. If you met their needs without difficulties, they would promote your business. Prospects can trust you from their word and engage with your firm.

What MSPs Can Do to Prepare

The MSP sector is competitive. Limited clients have many options to access marketing services. As an MSP, steps you may take to be successful include:

  1. Develop a pricing criterion that works. Stiff competition can make an SMP underprice its services. This move is often counterproductive as despite getting clients, you may not sustain your operations. The right price should cover fixed and recurring costs. You should not change it too frequently.
  2. Offer extraordinary support to clients. Attending to your clients in a courteous, timely, and reliable manner can make your business stand out in a crowded market. Leverage various tools to respond to messages such as emails. Autoresponder can be a crucial tool for a business with email marketing.
  3. Specialize in a specific field. The market has many SMPs. Most of these entities offer their services to many clients. While this strategy increases prospects for their business, it does not allow for specialization. Focusing on a single field, such as IT, enables your firm to become experts in the sector. Most IT companies will prefer you. Specialization ensures you know everything about marketing IT services.
  4. Pitch the long-term return on investment (ROI). Approach the deal with the view of having a long-term collaboration. This plan makes the client confident in getting value for money. You may offer value through up-selling or cross-selling. Up-sell involves a proposition with high-end services besides the current deal, while cross-sell entails adding elements to complement the client's existing facilities.

How Working with a StoryBrand Certified Agency Helps

If you market using StoryBrand BrandScript by yourself, you may encounter some difficulties. These challenges may include answering complex questions.

  • Can you identify the problems facing your diverse customer segments? How will you describe this difficulty to get the customer to recognize what you are saying?
  • How can you show your ability to guide your customers towards finding solutions to their problems?
  • How will you phrase your call to action? How will you sell the solutions that you will guide your customer towards in your partnership?

Answering these questions can challenge most people. It is one aspect to know the StoryBrand framework. Applying it for your business and prospects is a new thing. You may have many unsuccessful attempts, which may discourage you and exhaust your resources. Hiring an MSP with StoryBrand certification can lead you towards success.

StoryBrand certified agency has the StoryBrand seal of approval for showcasing their mastery of the StoryBrand framework. They can tell exciting stories via emails, sales pitches, or web copy, among others.

Benefits of Dealing with a StoryBrand Certified Agency

  • They can tell compelling stories that capture the audience's imagination. Once they analyze your business, they will market it to capture the imagination of your target audience. Their stories will get clients interested and seeking your services.
  • They provide value for money. Many firms are investing in marketing efforts that see no substantial returns. These entities lose a significant number of prospects to clients. A StoryBrand certified agency will use the StoryBrand framework to get clients seeking your IT services.
  • They understand various customer segments. Every exciting story needs to make sense to its target audience. A StoryBrand certified agency often knows the multiple sections of customers for your business. They can leverage this knowledge to communicate and connect with these prospects.
  • They help from the beginning to the end. Starting marketing efforts by yourself can be challenging. Firms often lose focus or give up after struggling. You will avoid this risk if you engage the services of a StoryBrand certified agency. They will help you market your IT services from the beginning to the end of the campaign.

Final Word

As the competition among companies offering IT services gets stiff, businesses need to find innovative ways of meeting their goals. StoryBrands framework is an excellent way to stay in the game. This approach entails focusing on helping the customer solve their problem to avoid a tragedy.

StoryBrand BrandScript enables IT companies to tell explicit, exciting stories that connect with clients. The customer becomes the hero of the story. The managed IT service company only guides them towards solving a problem. Finding solutions to this difficulty ensures customers avoid a tragic ending, and they have a transformation when they address the hardship.

Seeking StoryBrand BrandScript assistance from a story grand certified agency is the right approach. This firm has met the essential criteria to qualify as a StoryBrand authority. Getting their services helps you avoid failure, connect with your prospects, tailor your message appropriately, and get value for money.

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