How Storybrand And SEO Can Work Together For Managed IT Service Companies

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StoryBrand and SEO: Why MSPs Need Solid SEO & Brand Messaging

Marketing for your business shouldn't take up so much of your budget that it prohibits you from continuing to grow. The best marketing is strategic, naturally increasing your publicity and client base while simultaneously supporting your corporate brand so that your name and services are established and recognized. Combining strategic digital marketing platforms, like Storybrand and SEO, can increase your corporate visibility with your target audience while working to convert views into clicks and clicks into clients.

Storybrand and SEO for Managed Service Providers

The Two-Front Approach to Online Marketing

Marketing in the digital age requires a digital approach, and while there are many aspects of the old world of marketing that can be found in today’s SEO world, there is a lot more to it than may originally meet your eye. Like any marketing platform, a digital marketing plan needs to be able to grab the attention of your audience and be strategically designed and worded to help convince prospective clients into committing to a purchase. However, a well-developed digital marketing plan will have an entire other set of motives to work to as well—that is where the SEO comes into play. In addition to building your marketing platform to help gain client attention, you need to ensure that your digital platforms are gaining the attention of the algorithms, and this means following a set of rules that helps to build credibility online from a purely digital standpoint. Simple doing one of these things without the other won’t help you build the digital marketing platform that your business needs to thrive. This is why the best approach to digital marketing is a dual-front approach, using aspects of storybranding as well as the established rules of search engine optimization to ensure that your business can be easily found, and once your visitors have reached your site that they can be easily sold on your product.

Connecting SEO with HEO

Search Engine Optimization is the go-to strategy in digital marketing. A website needs to be SEO optimized in order to show up in Google results, which means that if you want to get your website in front of the eyes of potential clients, that you need to go ahead and make sure that your website is appropriately optimized for the algorithms. There is one simple problem with this strategy, however. Algorithms aren’t people. Structuring a website simply for an algorithm to like it won’t help build actual customers. Once a potential customer reaches your site, everything your SEO expert put together is kind of useless. At that point, you need HEO—or Human Experience Organization.

A website optimized for the human experience in addition to search engine optimization will have the following:

  • Engaging copy that actually provides value to the readers, not just keywords for the algorithms
  • The website should flow for the optimal human experience, with clear access to the information that people want most
  • Strategically placed links and keywords that flow naturally for the human experience but support the underlying SEO strategy

How Storybrand Supports SEO

The storybrand approach supports SEO strategy by developing an SEO plan that is tailored to an optimized human experience. The strategy itself is simple, and digital marketing experts are able to use these fundamental ideas to develop strong marketing platforms that help websites gain attention while helpfully converting website visits into paying clients.

The goal of storybranding is to build the company name by developing a brand script that supports who the company is and what their goals are. The brand script is kept simple and is unique to every separate company, including simple 1-liners and an approachable narrative that will humanize the company and help potential customers to recognize them and even connect on a basic emotional level. The brand may include something from how the company was founded, the family behind the company, or another interesting aspect of the company’s history. Once this idea is recognized, it is capitalized upon to tell a story that will support the identity of the company. The brand in this sense becomes more than a face or a logo—it becomes a small narrative that guides how people understand the company to begin with.

When visitors come to your website, they don’t want to read large chunks of text or become lost in the minutiae of an idea. They want clear headlines, bolded font, and simple ideas. A story can be broken down into these basic components, and then from there, the website can be optimized strategically and without it being overly noticeable thanks to subtle steps like using the right keywords in the right places and building strong headings that are ideal for humans and algorithms alike.

Staying ahead in the digital world requires a good bit of technological savvy as well as a basic understanding of marketing and an old fashioned sense of understanding your target audience. As a business owner, your attention should rightly be on making your business as productive and efficient as possible. You are an expert in your industry, and so to help your company grow it makes sense to work with an expert in digital marketing. The Storybrand and SEO dual approach can help your website become exactly what your clients want to see while helping you to become more visible in search results.

Ulistic specializes in helping MSPs who are leveraging Storybrand as a marketing platform.  Need a solid MSP marketing agency to help you grow your MSP business?  Call Ulistic now to schedule a 50-minute consultation with us.


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