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Discover why investing short amounts of time each day in reading, connecting with others and writing help improve your social media strategy for your MSP

Gee....I wasn't that far off in 2010.  Long before my content marketing hero Marcus Sheridan published THEY ASK YOU ANSWER.  Gosh, I actually think I was before my time.

Social Media For Managed IT Service Providers

For years, social media has been an important part of any online marketing strategy. Social media, combined with other marketing strategies, is an important way to increase demand for your products and services.

Why Do I Need to Invest In Social Media?

Social media carries with it the opportunity to build and establish your brand and connect with existing and potential customers. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Build AwarenessSocial media helps increase your company's visibility without a lot of cost or time. It should be used to deliver on your growth strategy, whether it's attracting niche customers or those nearby.
  • Establish AuthoritySocial media posts are a great way to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge, helping to position you and your business as reliable sources for information and help.
  • Gain Social Trust. Customers are looking at social media, star ratings and reviews as ways to build a trusting relationship with a company. Your interactions, including responses to reviews, humanize your business and let you develop the trust necessary to attract and retain business.

What If Social Media Just Doesn't Work For My Business?

In nearly every instance, social media can be a beneficial part of your online marketing strategy. If social media hasn't helped your business, your strategy and tools may not be correct.

There are countless ways to tackle social media strategy. According to the Pew Research Center, YouTube and Facebook continue to be the dominant platforms, perhaps why some predict that video and storytelling will be key social media trends in 2019.

One approach to improving the amount and quality of your social media content is to follow the 30-60-30 strategy. It has three components:

  1. Invest 30 minutes each day reading about what's going on in the business community. Read the local newspaper and follow industry and business blogs. Keep up with news and information in the verticals you've chosen to invest in.
  2. Invest 60 minutes a day engaging with others. Doing this right helps your social media and online marketing soar as you discover what people are interested in learning about and the issues they're facing. Some of this engagement might be with your customers; it's a good way to build deeper connections and demonstrate that you care about their needs. Other engagement strategies include focusing on the industries you serve by participating in forums and answering questions in order to be known.
  3. Invest 30 minutes a day publishing your own content, whether it's publishing your own blog entry, writing an article for your business club's newsletter or drafting a product review in the niche market space you serve. Write a case study or win-wire -- anything of value that can bring positive visibility to your business.

The 30-60-30 strategy helps align your work with your online marketing, social media and face-to-face relationship building. It also keeps you better informed, connected and aware of common challenges and opportunities.

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