The Silent Killer of MSPs

If you could regain dozens of hours a week while learning more about your clients and ultimately closing more deals, that would be nirvana.

If you could regain dozens of hours a week while learning more about your clients and ultimately closing more deals, that would be nirvana. Today's managed service providers are struggling against the tide of information that could easily overwhelm even the smartest technology providers. Unfortunately, many businesses don't realize the amount of time that is being spent online with sites that are merely distractions.

Are You Getting Distracted?

There are always questions to be answered in your business: Are you missing out on a crucial audience segment? Are you delivering the right services? Are you spending your time as wisely as possible to grow your business? What type of pricing would allow you to win more projects? While answering these questions is essential; that's every bit as important is how you are answering the questions! If you're spending your time online with other MSPs from around the country, hopping from Reddit to Facebook groups to LinkedIn, you may be barking up the wrong tree. The problem is that the advice will vary based on your geographic location, the size of your business and your target customers. If you're looking to these channels to provide you with insight on your burning questions, you'd be better off listening to your customers for the answer.

Aligning with Customers

The best option to reduce the distractions from your business is to reduce the amount of time that you're spending on these channels. Our top MSP clients are rarely if ever found on these networking groups -- instead, they're spending time with their customers and clients, without getting distracted by social media platforms. Spending time with their clients helps you better understand what the market will bear. Try going into a forum online for a vertical that you'd like to target. Introduce yourself as a technology professional -- then ask that group what they're paying and what their expectations are for their MSPs. You might be pleasantly surprised by how willing people are to have an honest conversation with you!

Moral of the story: don't be afraid to talk to customers! They are often willing to give you information in the hopes that you can provide them with better and more proactive service. Plus, you'll get a great idea of what the market can bear in terms of pricing without a great deal of testing -- and perhaps failing to get bids -- due to pricing yourself out of business. At Ulistic, we focus on working with MSPs throughout the U.S. and Canada that are hungry for growth and genuinely looking to rise to the top of their business. Learn more online at or by requesting a free initial website review with Stuart Crawford, CEO of Ulistic.


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