3 Shocking SEO Statistics for IT Service Companies

Think SEO strategizing is an old way of marketing for your IT services company? Think again. Here are three statistics that prove SEO is just as relevant as ever.  

Check Out These 3 Shocking SEO Stats for Managed Service Providers

Think SEO strategizing is an old way of marketing for your IT services company? Think again. Here are three statistics that prove SEO is just as relevant as ever.  

Amazingly, there are still many companies — managed service providers and general IT companies included — that consider SEO or search engine optimization to be obsolete. In truth, however, SEO is still a critical aspect of any company’s marketing strategy.

The key to search engine optimization is following the trends and knowing what works and what doesn't as time goes on and algorithms change and evolve.

Today, search engine optimization combines traditional marketing strategies, information technology, and the creation of quality content. If you can find a marketing firm for your IT service company that can tap into all of these areas and form a cohesive search engine optimization strategy to boost your website visits and conversions, you'll notice a marked difference in your leads and sales.

Still not convinced that SEO is still relevant for IT businesses as we move into 2020? Here are three startling statistics that say otherwise.

1. 47% of online shoppers/clients/customers will check out 3 to 5 content pieces from a given company before they’ll take steps to speak to a salesperson.

Too many businesses assume that their online content doesn’t matter. Whether they have a blog? Whether it’s updated regularly? Whether what they update it with is useful?

A lot of businesses think these are frivolous considerations, but this statistic tells us that they aren’t. 47% of potential clients and customers want to read what your website has to say or watch or listen to the content you’ve created. And if it’s not there or doesn’t exist? Rest assured that they’ll go elsewhere.

The good news is that content creation isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Keeping up with a video series, blog, or online social media presence can be something that an experienced marketing firm can help you with.

2. When conducting online searches, 75% of searchers won’t go past the first page of results.

This means that if your business’s result is on the second page or further ahead in the search results, you’re not going to be seen by 75% of searchers.

Of course, to make it to the first page (and ideally, to the top of the first page), you’ve got to use SEO tactics. It’s the only way to tell search engines what your website is worth putting up front! If you don’t do this, there’s almost no way they’re going to prioritize your business. It’s their way or the highway.

3. Of the entire search engine market share, right now, Google holds 90.1%.

In other words, it pays to understand Google’s approach to search engine optimization, and yes, Google does take SEO seriously. It’s the primary way they rank search results. Furthermore, if you do understand their approach to SEO, you’ll be handsomely rewarded.

Still, it’s not easy. Google’s algorithms are famously complicated (and many details are unknowable). They also routinely change them and may (or may not) tell anyone when they do. Keeping up with these algorithms is well worth it, though. 90.1% of the market share is nothing to sneer at!

Ready to Capitalize on Search Engine Optimization for Your IT Services Company?

As you can see, SEO is just as relevant as it ever was. It may even be more relevant today — mainly because many IT firms don’t take it seriously. Therefore the “market” for companies who excel at SEO is wide open for the taking.

Still, if you are a managed service provider and you want to capitalize on the effectiveness of search engine optimization, you need a reliable MSP marketing firm on your side.

That's where you Ulistic comes in.

For over ten years, Ulistic has been forging strong partnerships with managed service providers around North America and the world, to drive up leads and get real results for our clients. Search engine optimization is a massive part of this.

Ready to see if we’d be a good fit to team up with your IT service organization? Frustrated with the other marketing firms you’ve partnered with in the past? Call 855-964-2608 today to speak with Ulistic about our business development, marketing, and sales services for managed IT service businesses.

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