SD-WAN Solutions for Small Businesses: Explore the Countless Benefits

SD-WAN involves monitoring and managing the links that come in from the edge. Service providers make sure that these links have quality and work to queue up the priorities.

SD-WAN Solutions for Small Businesses: Explore the Countless Benefits

Businesses have resorted to remote working solutions to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. The complexity of managing multiple connectivity types and configurations can, however, impair smooth business operations. Running multiple locations also relies on cloud-based applications, access to data, video conferencing, and VoIP to enhance employees' connectivity.

Small businesses can leverage advanced technology and connectivity solutions to transform their business operations. Software-defined networking, or SD-WAN, is one such technology that helps businesses enhance internet connectivity, improve network visibility and optimize bandwidth.

Today's SD-WANs technology companies primarily focus on enterprise and enterprise-sales. Large corporations and enterprises leverage these solutions to boost their productivity and grow their businesses. However, these solutions can serve small businesses and home offices with the same product at pocket-friendly prices.

What is SD-WAN Technologies?

SD-WAN involves monitoring and managing the links that come in from the edge. Service providers make sure that these links have quality and work to queue up the priorities. The queuing mechanism places the most critical traffic ahead of the rest. The service's quality, management, and failover combine well to make SD-WAN possible.

SD-WAN implementations provide multiple options for clients to leverage. In some instances, service providers treat both links as primary, referring to them as use-cases. The most typical use-case involves either two broadbands or one broadband with a backup. The backup could either be lower-speed broadband or a wireless LTE.

With two broadbands, providers work to steer traffic to a latency link or a link with packet loss but more bandwidth. SD-WAN is an application-based solution that allows providers to watch and classify traffic then steer it to the links, depending on the client's need or link requirements.

In the backup-based solution, clients can send their traffic until the circuits fail. Service providers can then steer and manage the failovers to the backup connection. This solution prevents calls from dropping while keeping applications running round the clock. The managed failover solution epitomizes what SD-WAN supports.

How Does SD-WAN Solutions fit into the Small Business Market?

Amid the pandemic, multiple SMBs have adopted remote working to maintain operations. Cloud migrations are on the rise as most of these companies look to exploit cloud-native applications. From hosted cloud phones to email and collaboration tools, home office remote workers heavily rely on the cloud for their day-to-day operations. SD-WAN service providers need to innovate to create custom solutions that work for this market.

Low-cost, high-performance products are an excellent place to begin. SMBs are always on the hunt for products that add value to their processes. Service providers can fit into SMB's budgets when they introduce significant cost savings.

The SMB market requires quality service subsystems that work for them. Combining voice, video, and business apps is critical in both the SMB and enterprise markets. These clients need options for redundancy where you can provide failover solutions. With such solutions, SMBs can maintain their connectivity and keep their voice and video systems up and running.

The SD-WAN Market

From teachers delivering curriculums for online learning to doctors with telemedicine, the SD-WAN market varies incredibly. Businesses using various cloud features ideally fit in this market space. SD-WAN providers manage the home networks to guarantee seamless cloud access. SMBs can make the most of great quality experiences through the managed connections, while redundancies and backups cover imperfections within the networks. Service providers can move traffic efficiently with intelligent endpoints.

With the COVID pandemic, providers can't perform remote installations or home network setups. Service providers have turned to simplified installs to make these SD-WAN solutions remotely manageable. A zero-touch modern capability simplifies the installation, getting it done in minutes versus hours for previous SD-WANs or router-type solutions. Clients can access the remote equipment once SD-WAN providers provide the required networks.

Providers leverage jump services to access devices that join their networks. Such solutions enable the plug 'n' play installation that simplifies processes with little or no configurations. Available tools allow providers to address and troubleshoot issues on connected devices remotely. Remote monitoring capabilities enable enhanced issue-resolution. Clients also get to enjoy inherent protection from robust firewalls that keep out insecure connections.

SD-WAN Partners

Partners can work with SD-WAN providers and rent or sell the hardware, then support the devices to established networks. Alternatively, they could bundle the SD-WAN with managed security solutions or internet-linked solutions with the voice option. In the long-term, partners can leverage SD-WAN's quality of service to handle traffic flow efficiently.

With fewer voice and application issues, partners spend less on maintaining their solutions. The easy to install and support SD-WAN solutions improve overall returns for service providers. Depending on a partner's size and scale, they can work directly with SD-WAN providers or buy the data and go out independently.

Benefits of SD-WAN

Small businesses are transitioning to SD-WAN as they work to enhance branch office connectivity. SD-WAN offers application-based traffic handling that guarantees the efficient use of current network connections. Budget-strained SMBs get the advantage of more reliable, cost-efficient, and capable connections as well as increased visibility into networks, simplifying network management.

Network administrators can exploit painless management to update policies and protocols with ease. Businesses also get the chance to use their internet connectivity efficiently. SD-WAN comes complete with sophisticated WAN optimization technology that inspects and classifies network systems in real-time. Businesses can get optimal performance from their internet connections as routing decisions depend on network traffic or active applications.

SD-WAN delivers enterprise-level functionality with simplified administration and forecasting ability. This strategic investment prioritizes network traffic efficiently, ensuring that employees become more efficient and productive.

Managed SD-WAN Services

SMBs often turn to managed service providers who help them ease their lack of internal personnel or dedicated IT resources. MSPs are now including SD-WAN in their services to extend their client's network infrastructure. These services reduce vulnerabilities arising from patchwork while streamlining costs. With such benefits, SMBs can focus on their core business rather than working on network management.

SMBs can partner with MSPs that provide managed SD-WAN solutions to scale their business with the latest technology. Do you want to learn more about managed SD-WAN solutions? Reach out to Ulistic as your trusted digital marketing firm.


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