Everything You Need to Know About Google's New Responsive Search Ads

Want to improve your Google ad game? MSPs can now use Google's new machine learning "Responsive Search Ad" feature to target unique customers with their ads.  

Why You Need to Know About Google's Responsive Search Ads

Want to improve your Google ad game? MSPs can now use Google's new machine learning "Responsive Search Ad" feature to target unique customers with their ads.  

Google Responsive Ads

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Recent research reveals that 90.8% of Internet users use Google to conduct their web, mobile, and in-app searches.

What does this mean for your MSP?

Well, first of all, it means that if you haven’t done so already, you should sign up for a Google Ads account ASAP.

But it also points to the larger point that Google knows how to connect buyers to sellers. In other words, when consumers need, “the best IT service company for eye doctors in Topeka,” they turn to Google. When they’re looking for, “cybersecurity help in Atlanta,” they turn to Google.

While other search engines may come up with lazy results for their searchers, Google spends millions of dollars and extended time and energy in creating the perfect algorithms to help searchers find what they’re looking for.

They were good at this before … and now they’ve gotten even better.

At their most recent Google Marketing Live event, the company revealed a marketing feature that’s going to revolutionize your Google Ads account: Responsive search ads.

What Are Responsive Search Ads?

Google’s responsive search ads provide a brand-new format for creating your own MSP ads on Google. When creating a traditional text ad in Google, for example, you could create up to three headlines and up to two descriptions. Now, with responsive search ads, you can create up to 15 headlines and up to four descriptions.

Using machine learning strategies, Google will rotate these combinations to create every possible permutation of your headlines and descriptions. They do this in order to come up with the optimal combinations for your ad. Later, when browsers use unique keywords and keyword phrases that match your target keywords, the absolute best permutation(s) of your responsive search ad will be presented to them.

With continued machine learning over time, your ads will only continue to improve in their effectiveness. Altogether, Google’s strategy is to examine each variation of your ad against various factors, such as what device the user is searching on, their most common browser behaviors, and, of course, the specific words they are putting into their searches.

How Do I Start Creating Responsive Search Ads?

According to Google, “Responsive search ads are in beta” right now. Therefore, there hasn’t been a wide release yet, and some of the kinks may still need to be worked out. You can, however, still try creating your own responsive search ads and try them out. Google simply recommends that you, “Make sure to regularly monitor the performance and status of your ads.”

Create your first responsive search ad using this video tutorial from Google. It is also recommended that you test and learn from your first trial. You can collect performance stats on all of the different headlines and description combinations. Even if you do not intervene and alter which headlines you want with which descriptions, Google will automatically use the best combinations. However, seeing what works best for your unique marketing setup can be insightful for how you use digital marketing in your business overall.

Google, Machine Learning, and Online Advertising

There’s no doubt that machine learning and AI have played an increasingly large role in the evolution of advertising. As Google advances their exploration and research of such techniques, they continue to release new software, hardware, and features and tools that incorporate AI technology. Their new responsive search ads are simply more evidence of this.

The good news for marketing-minded businesses is that machine learning can drastically narrow your advertisements’ focus and cater your message to unique audiences — ultimately increasing conversion. Try Google’s responsive search ads’ beta version now — or wait until the full release —and see what this new feature can do for your click and conversion rates.

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