Use Resource Pages for Remarkable Search Results

Learn how to help your MSP's website climb in search result ranks with a backlink strategy that provides high-value, relevant content to resource page owners.

MSP SEO Strategy: Use Resource Pages for Remarkable Search Results

For managed IT service providers wanting to reach new customers, content is a super important component of your overall MSP marketing strategy. Great content drives better search engine optimization. Better search optimization drives more web visitors.  More website visitors drives more opportunity...well you get the flow here.

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Achieve Great MSP SEO Results Using Resource Pages

For managed service providers wanting to reach new customers, content is an important component of your marketing strategy. Great content drives better search engine optimization.

The content you create and curate on your website and via social media is a great start. However, you also should consider ways to get that content seen. That's where backlinks come in. Here's a look at how backlinks work and how to get yours on valuable resource pages that can drive traffic and new business.

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are hyperlinks from another website to a page on your site. In the past, backlinks were one of the primary drivers for search rankings. Today, they still play an important role in SEO.

Today, the most valuable backlinks are those that come from authoritative and relevant websites.

What Are the Advantages of Backlinks?

Backlinks have several major advantages for MSPs, including:

  • Improved Organic Search Rankings. Backlinks from quality, high-ranking sites means your linked pages also rank higher.
  • Faster Indexing. Google and other search engines use bots that discover new webpages. Having more backlinks means your site is discovered faster and can be crawled and indexed faster too.
  • More Referrals. Backlinks help your business get more referrals, giving you more opportunities to secure new business, capture contact information and fine-tune your content and marketing strategies.

What Are Resource Pages and How Do They Help With SEO?

Resource pages are collections of links to relevant and valuable content, usually about a subject or related subjects. The best resource pages are easy to find and not about selling a product or service.

Resource pages are often seen as credible sources of information, with content and sources that have been verified and vetted, providing readers with excellent sources of information. Resource pages that do not deliver value are unlikely to get repeat traffic or be successful in being backlinked themselves.

"The objective of a resource page is to provide readers with the very best materials in the industry. And that’s what you want your content to be—the best in the industry," notes a recent post.

How Can My MSP Get Better Backlinks via Resource Pages?

There are several things you can do get more backlinks and better results.

Find the Right Pages

Pair your keywords with words or phrases like resourcesuseful resourcesresource pageslinks or links pages. Look to use the "inurl" tool in searches to find pages with "resource" in the title.

Some experts believe that links from .edu sites carry more weight than others, so look for resource pages hosted on education websites.

After you've collected possible resource pages, you'll want to review them and narrow down your options. Look for sites that have high page authority and domain authority, using an SEO metrics tool.

Contact and Follow Up

Reach out to resource page owners. Resource pages thrive on providing great content to readers. You don't want to make a sales pitch. Just offer the great high-value content you've generated.

You need to know what 'great content' is and is not. Imagine your MSP targets auto dealerships and you've found a comprehensive resource page for auto dealership managers. You want to be sure you offer up the right content that the page owner will see as valuable.

Don't suggest a link to your main web services page about your cybersecurity services. Also, don't suggest the blog post on finding the best MSP provider on Route 1. The first is too salesy and irrelevant, the second is too narrowly focused and also not specific enough.

What would be 'great content'? An ebook on technology trends in the auto industry. A blog post about the need for strong authentication procedures to meet the unique needs of auto dealerships.

A simple letter to the site owner that introduces your content and how they add value is important. Polite and persistent follow-up, offering to provide more information will be necessary.

Understanding what great content is and how to leverage it is an important component of MSP marketing. At Ulistic, we help MSPs develop marketing content and strategies to drive new business. Grade your MSP website now at


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