Why Referral Leads Are Crucial for Your Company

Is your managed service provider company looking for ways to generate more referrals? Head here to learn a tried-and-true lead generation method today!

What You Need to Know About Generating Referrals for Your MSP

Is your managed service provider company looking for ways to generate more referrals? Head here to learn a tried-and-true lead generation method today!  

Referrals. They’re one of the best ways to drum up new clients for your MSP company. The question is: How do you get them?

That’s what Crystal asked when she wrote into Ulistic with her Question of the Week this week. Crystal, hailing from Florida, asked:

“What is one way I can generate more referrals for our MSP business?”

Great question. Now, let’s dive right in!

First, what is a referral?

We’ll start by explaining that a referral is essentially a potential client or customer who comes to you on the recommendation of a mutual acquaintance. For example, if you are the managed service provider for Company X, and Company X is happy and satisfied with your services, they may recommend you as an MSP to Company Y. In this way, Company Y would be a “referral.”

How can your MSP get more referrals?

Referrals often happen organically, by word of mouth. But let’s face it — these only go so far. When you’re looking to drum up a more consistent, reliable stream of referrals, you’ll need to employ tried-and-true tactics.

One dependable strategy to get you started is called a bird dog program. This strategy was employed by Ulistic’s very own CEO, Stuart Crawford, while working in Calgary.

What is a bird dog program?

A bird dog program is a marketing strategy in which you form relationships with other companies that provide services that are complementary to your own. For example, as a managed service provider, you might establish relationships with copier vendors, software companies, or security specialists. What ties you is that you will all have similar clients.

With this type of incentive program, when one of your connections introduces you to a new potential client (usually a current client they are already working with), you pay your connection company a small amount in compensation.

As stated by Investopedia, “The term ‘bird dog’ is a reference to hunting dogs that point to the location of birds and retrieve any birds the hunter successfully shoots.

Looking for More Help Generating Leads for Your MSP?

At Ulistic, that’s what we do. For more than ten years, we’ve been helping managed IT service providers perfect their technology marketing services. If you are a marketing-focused MSP looking to invest in and improve your digital and traditional marketing strategy, we’re the company for you.

We’d love to chat with you! You can schedule your zero-obligation MSP lead generation consultation with us right now. Or, if you have a question beforehand, don’t hesitate to speak with one of our live chat team members.


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